May Body Wisdom – What does ‘Listen to your body’ actually mean, and what has that got to do with Weight Loss, Banting and Keto?

t was a Sunday just like any other, except for one thing: on this particular Sunday there was going to

Congratulations. You Failed!

I don’t care how great Banting or Keto are for weight loss or diabetes. I am yet to meet someone

Are You the Mike Tyson of Dieting?

How many diets have you tried? That isn’t rhetorical. Think for a second. I have personally yo-yo’d through a smorgasbord

Robert Greene on Deep Personal Transformation

We have taught thousands of clients to change the way they eat since 2013, but only in about 2017 did

Is your Keto or Banting Weight Loss Transformation physical or psychological?

Does being overweight absolutely infuriate you? Does it make you feel insecure, and introverted? Do you look in the mirror

The Worst Thing to do After a Roaring Success (at Banting, Keto or anything)

Here is a VLOG entry of mine that explains what the absolute WORST THING YOU CAN DO is after having

Why Perception is Everything Whether You’re Banting, Keto-ing or Mid-Binge

by Victoria Webster, Clinical Psychologist Are you a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person? Everyone knows that this is a

How Envy Impacts a Keto or Banting Weight Loss Transformation

by Victoria Webster, Clinical Psychologist   “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” We all

How to Cultivate Self-Belief for your Keto or Banting Weight Loss Transformation

by Victoria Webster (Clinical Psychologist) My mom (65 years old) loves walking and hiking and she is badass when it

Impact of People Pleasing on Keto or Banting Weight Loss Journeys

By Victoria Webster, clinical psychologist How many people-pleasers does it take to change a lightbulb? Well, only one, and not

GOAL SERIES #06 – Getting Back in the Game, After Everything Has Fallen Apart

A few months back I set a goal of breaking a Sub-90 Half Marathon. My previous personal best is 1h53mins.

Crazy Sugar Content of South African Cereals

Crazy Sugar Content of South African Cereals This is mental. I just got sent an article from BusinessTech that details

How Anger and Resentment Impact Weight Loss on Keto and Banting

By Victoria Webster (Clinical Psychologist) I am angry. I am angry that all my life I have received messages that

The Dread of Shopping for Clothes

by Victoria Webster – Clinical Psychologist Let’s talk about the changerooms at your local clothing shop. What is that you

Binge Eating, Willpower and Keto and Banting

I can’t control my appetite! I have a willpower problem! I have no discipline when it comes to food! I

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Are you human foie gras?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is now being recognised as one of the most common liver diseases, with more than

The Legitimate Fear of Successful Keto and Banting Transformations

Thanks Victoria Webster (clinical psychologist), you’re a champ I remember applying for my first job. I sent in my CV

Hunger, Hormones, Your Brain and Banting (and Keto)

Is your brain making you fat? Article Credit – Steph Fowler (PhD) – ​Scientist, Equestrian, Legend! Like a grand old

Psychology of Dismissing Compliments and what that has to do with Weight Loss

“You are looking really good today!” Your gut starts to twist and you start to sweat. Someone has just given

The Jolly Fat Person Persona and What it Has to Do with Keto and Banting

Santa Claus is a very fat and jolly man indeed. The whole world knows him for it and, better yet,