Real Meal Revolution

When Real Meal Revolution landed at number one on the bestsellers’ list and stayed there for twelve weeks, the publishing community started asking the RMR team and Quivertree Publications just how they managed to hit that literary sweet spot.


Apart from the fact that the content in The Real Meal Revolution challenges the core fibre of science, medicine and public education, it has been edited to be become a hugely entertaining read. Incredible photographs of lip-smacking recipes by Proudfoot and Grier, shot by the great Craig Fraser, may also have something to do with the appeal.


Whichever way you look at it, this book is like the lover of your dreams – a well-balanced combination of sharp wit, good looks, impeccable taste and infinite wisdom all merged into one sexy package for anyone who eats food the world over.

Press and Reviews

Book Review: Just Makes Sense.

The New York Times, April 18, 2013

“I think it depends on each individual as to how long it takes to accept the information as fact, their resolve would probably be stronger. I’m impressed with the Restoration phase. It is what was missing in my personal journey. I am now eating organic, GMO free and free range, my immune system is responding so quickly. I have had a rash for almost 5 years. It’s nearly cleared up, and that after just two weeks.”