Kilo Crushing Kickstart Bundle - A motivational image featuring banting and keto food choices.

Kilo-Crushing Kickstart BUNDLE

The Kilo-Crushing Kickstart Bundle includes a compact crash course of the essentials you need to immediately stop the downward spiral and take control of your weight and you health without any fancy medicine, supplements or exercise.If you sign up today, you will get the Kilo-Crushing Kickstart (worth R1,500), Three Cookbook Courses (worth R1,250), a FREE month of RMR Community (worth R200) and lifetime 50% off RMR Community membership (priceless?). All of this for R595.
Tessa Whitfield - Premier Keto Coach for Personalized Coaching

One on One Keto Coaching

With One on One Coaching you are partnered with a trained coach who has been through a successful physical and emotional transformation. You and your coach work remotely (anywhere in the world) via Zoom and WhatsApp with the support of all of RMR’s resources to tailor your journey to your goal weight, Real Health and lasting transformation.

R6500 upfront for three months
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