Robert Greene on Deep Personal Transformation

We have taught thousands of clients to change the way they eat since 2013, but only in about 2017 did we start really teaching them how to transform. 

In my own transformation and in my weight loss coaching, I have always drawn inspiration from many sources miles away from health. It has helped me get right to the bottom of many issues that clients are actually dealing with. 

You might be surprised to know that 100% of the clients I have coached have not had weight as their No.1 issue that needed addressing. For sure, 100% of them came to me for coaching to lose weight, but in not a single case was the issue at the bottom of the weight related to a tweak in macro-nutrients. 

80% of the clients I have coached are actually dealing with a crisis of purpose and meaning. 

Robert Greene, one of the greatest living non-fiction authors of our time, tells an amazing story about how his life was pretty much going nowhere until all of a sudden he was an overnight success. 

If you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere, this is an entertaining and incredibly valuable talk, written and delivered for people going through exactly the thing you are dealing with.