The Banting 2.0 is The Real Meal Revolution’s four-phased eating program designed to get you fully adapted to a low-carb diet to transform your health.

Banting is low in carbohydrates with medium levels of protein and healthy fats. Low-carb diets are scientifically proven to work effectively at burning fat and reversing many symptoms relating to the metabolic syndrome including Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and obesity and other chronic illnesses.

Banting simplifies your road to adapting to a low carb diet to rejuvenate your health and your weight to achieve REAL HEALTH.


REAL HEALTH in 50 words:

Eat vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, little fruit and minimal starch. Eat real fats. Avoid sugar, grains, seed oils and processed food. Taste new dishes. Protect your gut. Eat when hungry. Drink when thirsty. Fast occasionally. Sleep well. Exercise. Relax. Socialise. Listen to your body. Escape routine. Seek adventure. Keep improving.


To simplify low-carb even more, we developed the Banting Food Lists. The Banting Food Lists are Real Meal Revolution’s tried and tested food lists that tell each member what they can eat freely and what they need to avoid during the different Phases of the Banting 2.0.

Who should do the Banting Diet?

Real Meal Revolution has helped people in 172 countries adopt The Banting Diet. Among the daily testimonials we receive, our members regularly,  report remarkable weight loss (anything between 5kg and 124kg), coming off all diabetes medication, completely curing IBS, normalised blood pressure (and coming off medication), reduction in skin irritations and acne, reversal of all symptoms of PCOS and an absence of heartburn and reflux.

Some members have also reported improvements in their control of epilepsy, migraines, depression and ADHD.

If you suffer from and wish to improve any of the symptoms that our members have improved through the Banting Diet, you would benefit immediately from joining Real Meal Revolution (if you are on medication, please consult your doctor before).


Here’s that list again – anyone who wants to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Gain control of their blood sugar with Type 1 Diabetes
  4. Cure their IBS
  5. Normalise blood pressure
  6. Reduce skin irritations
  7. Reduce acne
  8. Reverse the symptoms of PCOS
  9. Cure their heartburn and reflux


Who should think twice before doing the Banting Diet?

  1. Breastfeeding – ultra strict Banting is not advised for breastfeeding mothers. It can limit the production of breast milk and has also shown in limited studies to lead to ketoacidosis. We recommend keeping your carbs between 80g and 100g. To make it easier for you we have developed a Breastfeeding Meal Plan, which you can find on our Online Program.
  2. On diabetes or blood pressure medication – Banting is the best thing you can ever do if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure. But because it works so well, your medication can begin having a negative effect on you very soon after you start, which can lead to low blood pressure and other complications. Best do this in coordination with your doctor.


How to start Banting immediately

Step 1 – Download the Banting Food Lists.

Step 2 – Begin Observation to get to grips with where you’re at.

Step 3 – Enter Restoration and restore your gut and good habits.

Step 4 – Take on Transformation and march toward your Awesome Weight.

Step 5 – Hit Preservation and find your nutritional sweet spot while optimising your lifestyle.