One on One
Coaching Program

Lose weight while developing a lifestyle that is a one-size-fits-YOU


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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried every diet under the sun. Each time you start, you probably promised yourself, ‘This time, I’m going to make it work’. But four weeks in you probably fall off the bus. Six weeks in, you’ve probably tried to climb back on but failed, and by the time you’ve hit eight weeks, you’ve probably cancelled your subscription, or deleted the meal plan and ‘parked’ your health goal until you can face another round.

Am I right?

If I am, then it gets worse.

It’s not just about being thin. It’s about feeling free and confident. And, the more you fail, the more it chips away at your self worth, your belief in yourself and your hopes and dreams of just having a normal life, where weight and body image don’t plague your consciousness.

The problem perpetuates. Before you know it you look back and just see years of the cycle repeating itself over and over again. To a lesser or greater degree, you find yourself stuck in the binge cycle. Does this look familiar?

The truth is that most diet work, but the way we implement them is wrong. Most of what makes a lifestyle change has nothing to do with eating or exercise.
Imagine working with a partner on your journey to develop a one-size-fits-YOU.

That is why I created One-on-One Online Keto Coaching. It is designed to customise your experience of the Keto / Banting diet so it fits your lifestyle and your body.


By putting yourself first and carbohydrates last this season, and eating the RMR way, these are all of the benefits waiting for you as the year closes, and through 2022 and beyond.


Get a coach at R6,500, Paid Upfront for Three Months


The best time to invest in your health was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Don't wait another second to treat yourself to what you deserve. A healthy, rich and fulfilling life.

Get it right first time under the guidance of a professional coach who has walked the walk and talks the talk.

Our coaches will get you straight down to the business of losing weight, with the addition of all of RMR’s resources to carry you.

With One on One Coaching (and the RMR Foundations DIY Course thrown in for FREE) this is literally everything you need to transform your health and your life.


Since the launch in November 2013 more than 450,000 people have bought our books without us spending a cent on advertising. When you get results, you'll want to tell people.


Get a coach at R6,500, Paid Upfront for Three Months


Nicole lost the baby weight and healed her relationship with food
One on One Coaching has everything Nicola used to transform. Reduced migraines, improved sleep, lost more 7kg (but looks like more) and 11cm. A game changer.


"I’ve lost 35kg and 31cm around my waist. I’ve gone down 6 dress sizes. I’m happier, mentally and physically. I can exercise, run around with my kids and I feel like I have turned back into my younger self. I no longer feel old and frumpy. I feel strong and beautiful."
I've lost 35kg
Lee Ann Patrick
"I was not expecting such an amazing transformation and a lifestyle change. I will never fall back into my old habits. I love the food in this lifestyle and have never felt better.”
I lost 13kg with RMR
Adrienne Hackett
"The impact of the RMR programs I’ve done has touched every aspect of my life. My relationships with family are stronger and I feel more connected than ever before. Mentally, I definitely feel sharper and have so enjoyed working towards goals – this is a process that I’ve learned through RMR that I will take with me for the rest of my life."
I'm down 30kg
Tessa Whitfield
"If you are the kind of person that has had a difficult life with dieting and losing weight, only to gain it all back again and again and getting bigger each time, I would urge you to join RMR. This lifestyle will enable you to reverse your diabetes which I have achieved! It allows you to lose weight and not feel constantly hungry. I would also urge Type 2 diabetics to join RMR and let your Dr adjust your meds as you progress. I lost weight this time around as I needed to get HEALTHY. The weight loss has been a great bonus."
Reversed Diabetes!
Margie Hackett
"I have much improved self-confidence. I enjoy wearing my clothes (which now all fit me except for the “fat jeans” which I have thrown out) and I enjoy shopping for clothes confident I will fit into the size I want to be. I also feel stronger in my body."
I learned to listen to my body...
Nicola Diggle



Get a coach at R6,500, Paid Upfront for Three Months

Set Rock Solid Goals

We get down to business from day one. Your coach will work with you to create clear, realistic goals for you and get you on your way with a meal plan and focus areas so you can hit the ground running.

Daily Evolving Advice

You get your meal plan on day 1. From there, you and your coach will check in daily to monitor the impact various tweaks make to your progress. This is done via WhatsApp using voice notes, videos, photos, memes etc. This is where the magic happens and you begin to cement the things that create results into your routine and your life.

Three Months Access to RMR's Web App

Take advantage of more than 50 Banting or Keto Meal Plans, more than 600 low carb recipes and meal tracking, weight tracking and health tracking tools


Here is a breakdown of everything you get with the One-on-One Coaching Offer
This is how the One-on-One Coaching offer stacks up
3 Months One on One Coaching
Valued at R6,750
3 Months RMR Web App
Valued at R600
Total Value - Min R7,350

One on Coaching Offer Price
Paid Upfront for Three Months


Get a coach at R6,500, Paid Upfront for Three Months

Frequently Asked Questions

Question? Mail [email protected]
What Happens After I Pay?

You will land in our online learning system which contains all of your learning materials as well as links to register for the workshops. You will also be invited to join your Onboarding Session with your coach via WhatsApp.

How Does Payment Work?

You can pay R6,500 upfront for three months, or you can pay on a monthly plan of R2,250 per month. You can pay via credit card or debit card. You can also pay via PayJustNow who will give you payment terms and allow you to pay for large upfront programs over three months.

Can i have a cheat Day?

It depends on a number of factors. It will slow down your progress, but there is no morality there. Each person is different, and you can decide on how to approach this. We don’t call it cheating though. We call it celebrating. There are also in-depth discussions on the concept of cheating in all three of our Mindset, Dietitian and Eating Psychology workshops series.

Will I lose Weight?

YES! We guarantee it. If you don't lose 6kg in your first 12 weeks we will give you your money back, 100% guaranteed. That said, many people lose much more than that. Our record is 31kg in three months, with many people losing up to 12kg in the initial 12 weeks. It depends on how well you follow the plan and how well your body reacts to the diet - every body is different 🙂

Do i have to Cook?

No. But we’d like you to. You can eat this way without cooking, but that leaves the deliciousness in someone else’s hands. We will encourage you to cook recipes, or try new things, as we move you away from eating junk. That is all part of you reinventing your relationship with food. But only when you're ready. If you're never ready, that's cool too. You can still get outrageous results without cooking.

Is it Safe?

There are numerous benefits to the keto diet, and yes, it is safe. However, there are often drastic improvements in the first few weeks which may affect your required dose of certain medications. If you have been diagnosed with any of the following, we advise you to notify your doctor as soon as possible so they can monitor your progress. High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Sleep apnoea, Kidney disease, Heart disease, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Epilepsy, Chronic inflammation

Do i get a meal plan?

Yes. Your coach will give you a meal plan on day 1. You also get 12 meal plans in the Online Course and 50+ more in the Web App and all of them come with shopping lists and recipes. You get each meal with a shopping list for two people and four people. You can choose which one to download.

What do i have to eat?

The meal plans form a low carb, healthy fat diet designed to get your body into a state where your body burns its own fat (the fat you want to lose) for fuel. This state is called ketosis, and the diet is called a ketogenic diet. You can make our guidelines work with the food you are already eating, or you can choose between following a meal plan or creating your own plans based on our delicious recipes. As long as you are eating low carb, nutrient dense foods (and preferably enjoying them perfectly cooked and well-flavoured), we are happy, and you will get results.

What happens if i want to continue after 3 months?

You can choose from various pricing options. For just the Web App, you can continue for R200 a month. Other services vary from R500 to R2,250 per month.