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Takeaway ChickenIf you’re nervous about a massive chicken braai that you have to get through, steaming the chicken first will save you from killing anyone with salmonella.
Roasted Courgette HummusAlthough chickpeas aren’t true carbs, they are quite high in starch which puts them on Orange B
Ratatouille Shakshuka EggsThe recipe name may sound rather fancy, but it’s a piece of cake to make and a great way to encourage family breakfasts.
Not-Butter ChickenThis is a much more appropriate interpretation for the term ‘butter chicken’, as it is literally chicken cooked in butter
Mother-in-law’s Coronation ChickenThis is literally my mother-in-law’s coronation chicken.I was going to write something funny about it, but it is so good there is actually nothing funny to say.
Killer CalamariFor some reason, homemade calamari often comes out wrong. Here’s the secret so that never happens again.
Game Fish CevicheI think by now most people are used to ordering raw fish in sushi restaurants, but I know that many are still afraid to make it raw at home.
Funky Fish TacosThis recipe uses our low-carb pancakes as the tacos. We cooked them in a slightly smaller pan this time and got 6 tacos from the recipe.
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