Is your Keto or Banting Weight Loss Transformation physical or psychological?

Does being overweight absolutely infuriate you? Does it make you feel insecure, and introverted? Do you look in the mirror and wish your body was different? Are you riddled with self-hate, or even self-disgust to the extent that you hate buying clothes, you can’t take compliments and you avoid socialising? Do you ever experience a […]

Big Breakfast Light Supper Low Carb Banting Meal Plan

Eggs Baconnaise

Breakfast Low Carb Banting Meal Plan Should you have a big breakfast or a big supper? There are two side to the debate… One camp votes for skipping breakfast because it is the easiest time to lengthen the fast you started after dinner. The idea here is that if you’re trying to lose weight and […]

Low-Carb Banting Meal Plans by Real Meal Revolution

Jonno working it

Real Meal Revolution Low-Carb Banting Meal Plans Every week, Jonno and his team club their heads together to come up with the most delicious way to approach low-carb, gluten-free and sugar-free living. To help you win at life, no matter how busy you may be, we design our low carb meal plans with great consideration […]

Low Carb Cookery Behind the Scenes

REAL MEAL REVOLUTION: LOW CARB COOKERY BEHIND THE SCENES In April 2018, Jonno and his team put in some hard graft to bring you their greatest cook book yet. Currently in post-production, Low Carb Cookery boasts 300 low-carb recipes using the entire Banting Green List, he is quite confident this book will add flavour and […]

Real Meal Revolution: Low-Carb Cookery

Real Meal Revolution: Low Carb Cookery We’ve been a bit quiet, and here’s why. Jonno and the Real Meal Team have been grinding away at a new cookbook that will blow anything we’ve done before out of the water. You know the Banting Lists of low-carb ingredients, but you don’t know it like this. Imagine […]

The Banting Diet Experts


Banting Diet Experts are our go-to source of new information – We’d love to take credit for all of the benefits our members get out of the Banting Diet, but we can’t. That’s not to say we don’t have a team of chefs, scientists, coaches and techies who work on making our program more effective. […]