Eggs Baconnaise

Big Breakfast Light Supper Low Carb Banting Meal Plan

Breakfast Low Carb Banting Meal Plan

Should you have a big breakfast or a big supper? There are two side to the debate…

One camp votes for skipping breakfast because it is the easiest time to lengthen the fast you started after dinner. The idea here is that if you’re trying to lose weight and you are following intermittent fasting principles, it is easier to fast for 16 hours if you skip breakfast.

The other camp votes for a big breakfast because eating a lot of fat and protein that early in the day can keep you satiated until the mid-afternoon. This can help keep you focused during a busy work day, and more important, keep you from craving.

We think both camps are right. It really is up to the individual, and even then, there is no problem with doing a bit of both to get the maximum benefits from our program.

For this week, however, we developed a meal plan that caters for those of you out there who love a big hearty breakie, and prefer to nibble and snack for the rest of the day. We’ve designed it so you don’t even need to cook at night.

The breakfasts and all the other recipes, were all taken from our original bestselling cookbook, The Real Meal Revolution and here they are.

Bacon fat cherry tomatoes with bocconcini


Blitz Ritz – Ripe avocado with cream cheese and Anchovies

Ripe Avocado Cream Cheese

The Benchmark Omelette (also includes a video lesson of Jonno Proudfoot making it)


Black Mushrooms Baked in Walnut Butter

Black Mushrooms

Bacon Asparagus and Soft-boiled Eggs

Bacon Asparagus

Eggs Baconnaise (this is Jonno’s favourite recipe – swap butter in the hollandaise for bacon fat. YES!!!)


For lunch, if you can eat lunch after meals like that, we’ve added in a few simple bites that you can make without cooking.

Dinner is super easy, provided you have a few hours on Sunday to prep up. We’ve put some of our favourite dips together so you can enjoy a snacky supper every night, with a few crudites or seed crackers to tide you over until your next big breakfast.

A few of our favourites are chicken liver, bacon and thyme pate,

Chicken Liver and Thyme Pate

Quick feta and herb dip,

Quick Feta and Herb Dip

And some roasted courgette hummus.

Roasted Courgette Hummus

Meal plans are released for our members every Friday and they come with tons of extra functionality like links to the shopping list creator, meal tracking tools, cool data like macro and micro-nutrients, a bustling forum for like-minded people to support each other and more.

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