Low-Carb Courgette Hummus – Jonno shows us how


Low-Carb Courgette Hummus – Jonno shows us how This is the best low-carb hummus recipe ever.   Get this recipe, meal plans, shopping lists, low carb tools and more from our online program. Watch the full episode Download the Real Food Lists to find out what you can eat to actually enjoy losing weight.        

Low-Carb Jamaican Jerk Baked Fish with Cucumber and Radish Salsa


Jamiacan Jerk Baked Fish with Cucumber and Radish Salsa No. You are not a jerk. Jerk is a Jamaican rub or paste that is used for fish but mostly chicken. Watch this vid of Jonno making it on fish with some delicious cucumber and radish salsa as part of the Low-Carb Meal Plan of the […]

Low-Carb Chicken Livers Peri Peri


Low-Carb Chicken Livers Peri-Peri Chicken livers Peri-Peri, for South Africans, is perceived as a traditional Portuguese dish, but I recently found out that Peri Peri is actually from Mozambique. Just sit on that for a while. It took me a few minutes too. Here is a video of me making it the way I learned […]

Low-Carb Green Eggs and Ham

Low-Carb Green Eggs and Ham Frittata Green Eggs and Ham is one of my favourite bed time stories. I even read it to my daughter sometimes.  So there’s this dude called Sam trying to convince this other dude called Joe to  eat this dish called ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. Joe refuses to eat them on […]

Low-Carb Trinchado with Sauteed Veg

trinchado low res

Need some spice? This Low Carb Quick Trinchado was one of the recipes that featured in this week’s low carb meal plan called, A Winning Week by Jonno. Jonno says,  “The battle of trinchado was a competition that went on for all three years that I worked at GINjA in Cape Town, South Africa.  Our head […]

Low-Carb Blue Cheese and Sage Roasted Gem Squash

Sage and Blue Cheese Roasted Squash low res

This gem squash recipe was invented in about 30 seconds on set while shooting The Real Meal Revolution. We shot something and we weren’t happy with the recipe, so we axed it, but we needed to fill the place in the book with something else. There was some leftover blue cheese, some sage from something […]