7 Weekly Tasks Our Members Do To Get Results

Get Banting Diet Results from eating delicious food, tracking meals, chatting to friends on the forum, getting in touch with the Real Meal Revolution support team or quietly planning the week, our members are getting results. And this is how they’re doing it.

Regardless of what lists they’re eating off, or which phases they are in, there are some constants that members get to enjoy.

This is the kind of thing they get up to.


First things first, throw out the trash.

Then eat something delicious

Feel like salad? Take your pick.


Track a few meals to stay in the game

It is only during Observation and at some points during Transformation that we truly encourage our members to track religiously. Observation only lasts a week, and that week of tracking is vital for you to get to grips with what it is that you actually take in. Some members like to track every day because they can see what each thing they eat does to their overall carb, protein and fat intake (which makes a difference)

We recommend you track once or twice a week, or if you stop losing weight. Our team can easily help you troubleshoot if you can show us exactly what you’ve been eating.

There is nothing more satisfying than looking back over a ‘Green Week’ when you have been as tight with your tracking as you have been with your eating.

In the words of Sami Inkenin, ‘If you can measure it you can improve it’

Eat something delicious

How about a burger this time? What’s your favourite topping? You can eat them all.


WAM Wednesdays

Every Wednesday the entire base of members Weigh and Measure to keep track of wins (and losses of course). It helps to break the mission to Awesome Weight down into chunks. The tape measure is more important than the scale and we can’t stress this enough. This is what the standard graph looks like:

We don’t encourage weighing or measuring every day. Weight and measurements can go up and down on a daily basis so you will get the most honest results if your WAM days are further apart.

Run something by RMR Support

There are a few things members like to keep between RMR and themselves. Some members get homework from Support that we like to keep abreast of. It is great for us and our members to have weekly updates and check-ins to monitor progress.

There is literally nothing we won’t try and help you with.

Eat something delicious

Thinking of something to snack on? Here are a few ideas.


Check in and say hi to the peeps on the forum

Whether our members are stuck with a recipe, a massive unbearable craving for ice cream, wood fired pizza and chicken waffles or they just needsome inspiration, the forum is where the action happens. The forum, more like a chat roomactually, is bustling with die-hards and fly-by-nighters who are all hell bent on troubleshooting. The forum is where we pick up quite a few tips ourselves.

Watch a cooking lesson

Science or no science, cooking is at the core of what we want you to do. It gives you 100% control over everything you eat. It is also a great skill to have and Jonno has a way of making it relaxing and fun to learn. He’s done more than 50 lessons that will make your mouth water.

Here is a vid of Jonno teaching us how to cook a perfect, charred and juicy steak.



Eat something delicious

Bored of eggs for breakfast? What about salmon fish cakes?


Every Friday, members get the freshly baked meal plan from the food team. All of the meal plans are designed in accordance with the phases of the Banting Diet. Sticking to the meal plan has a number of benefits.

  1. Rest assured the carbs, proteins and fats along with all of the other micronutrients are catered for.
  2. You are in for delicious food
  3. Plan your shopping in just a few seconds because the meal plans link straight to the recipes and the shopping list generator
  4. Get the extra edge from life-hacks to optimise results and general fun and awesomeness
  5. Get results. These meal plans work and they are tried and tested.
  6. Get what you need. Whether you are a meat fiend or an lacto-ovo vegetarian allergic to tree nuts, tomatoes and garlic, we’ve got a plan for you. And if we don’t, our team will design one.

Here is an excerpt from a Restoration meal plan

Read a mail from support and the weekly shout-out from Jonno

Through a series of emails, members are guided through the phases and certain parts of the program on a weekly basis. The members’ favourite has got to be Jonno’s Friday Shout-Out. He responds too.

He’s obsessed with self-help and uses his weekly mails to share whatever pearl of wisdom blew his hair back that week. It could be link to a TED Talk or a talk by Tony Robbins. Anything goes.

Here’s one of Jonno’s favourite pieces of Tony’s on standards.



Watch a lecture

It is not required as part of your journey, but for those members who want to understand more about what is happening in their bodies, the world of food, politics and industry, there is more. We have cherry-picked lectures and talk by the world’s experts health and nutrition experts to give you further insight.

Eat somethingdelicious

Hey it’s Saturday. Why don’t you cook something fancy for breakfast? Like this shakshuka.


Eat something delicious

Entertaining and not sure what to feed everyone? What about lamb?

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