The Banting Diet Observation Phase

The Banting Diet Observation phase is the first phase of the Banting diet, Real Meal Revolution’s uniquely formulated approach to low carb diets.
Observation is designed to show you a snap shot of your physical state and your relationship with food.

What does Observation entail?

Observation entails tracking a number of different things. You will start by entering all of your measurements. Then you embark on a week of journaling, tracking and lifestyle analysis. The unique combo of tracking and journaling allow you to match up the food you eat with the way you respond. It also helps our team provide you with the best possible advice while you are in the remaining weight loss phases.

Observation also affords you the opportunity to prepare foods and do the shopping for the next week when you start Restoration, your first step to restoring your health and your life.

How long?

One Week for everyone, regardless of your weight, age, gender or background.

Observation 1


If you can measure it, you can improve it. You might know that already. The problem is that when you embark on this change in eating, you might not realise just how much actually changes. You will use Observation to unveil many hidden effects of the way you currently eat. This phase also allows you to complete reading the entire program so you know everything you need to knowon your first day of the next phase, Restoration.