Latest Banting Diet success stories from Real Meal Revolution members

Latest Banting Diet success stories from Real Meal Revolution members

The volume of Banting Diet success stories has been astronomical ever since we rolled out our phased approach to low carb diets on our online weight loss program.

Since November 2016, we have been guiding all of the new Real Meal Revolution members through a totally new paradigm of Banting made up of four phases:





Here are a few of the things they had to say:



Sian, Spain

All going well here so far. Love the recipes. Love the moderately active menu. My friend is a coach so she has been very useful to me. I am enjoying learning the science of eating and where I was stuffing myself up!

Grazing between meals may have been one of my big reasons.

Looking forward to feeling better and better.


Wendy MacKenzie, Vancouver, Canada

I absolutely love the Real Meal Revolution program, and am already losing weight and feeling 'lighter'. The thing that is really helping me is the meal and weight tracker tools.

I've sort of fumbled along with LCHF for about three years, losing 50 lbs at first, but gaining some of it back from getting off track. But this course you've developed is excellent. It doesn't leave anything to chance, for people like me who need structure. And, to see the carbs add up on the meal tracker is an eye opener! That definitely keeps me on track.

Last but certainly not least, the recipes are wonderful and vibrant. When I make them, I'm feeling connected in a way to South Africa.....we live in a rural community outside of Vancouver, B.C.

Wishing you continued success spreading the message of vibrant good health through this program



From Bronwyn Minnie, North West Province, South Africa

“I took the leap and pulled my mother and two daughters with me… Except for the basics of the tools and meal plans, you get support, guidance, and knowledge that is not out there...

I will recommend everyone I know to join, it is truly worth it if you are serious about changing your life”


Aneesha Govil, Sydney, Australia

"Thank you so much for this fantastic meal plan. I now have a very clear idea of how to plan the meals. Thank you so so much! You're amazingly talented. I haven't been able to find any nutritionists who can cater to my strict dietary needs, you are truly wonderful."


Michael Markoulides, UK

“Halfway through week 3 of Restoration and weighed myself today!! I dropped 5.6 kg's so far I can't tell you how elated I am. By this time next week if I stick to the plan and my daily walking target  I could be in double digits  instead of triple digits , that is such a big deal to me!”


Shari Kuntz, Kansas, United States

 “I love this program EVEN MORE! …I am not craving and feel full for a long time. I'm in week 2 [of Restoration] and I have to say Jonno's recipes are fantastic. …I'm down 4 pounds.” 


Nthabiseng Mogosoane 

“I'm doing soo well, I've lost 3kg for the past 3 weeks [in Restoration] and 7cm on my waist line.”


Fiona Christelis, Dubai

“I am walking the Camino in Spain. …I was overwhelmed with all the bread and pastries available. Three weeks in I am glad to say I am striving to make good choices… Thank you team for the amazing ground work which has allowed me to dig deep and examine my choices. I endeavour every day to have an amazing Camino spiritually and physically. Thanks team.”


Monique Pretorius, Rustenburg, South Africa (Certified Banting Coach client)

“Well I have always struggled with my weight, mainly because I love eating sweets and cake and bread. And I have always overdone it when it comes to eating those things because if it’s delicious then I am going to keep on eating. Which is very bad, I know.

So in December I got engaged and my sister took a video of how he proposed. When I watched the video afterwards I was shocked to see how bad I looked. I know I saw myself in the mirror every day but for some reason the video was more intense. So just there and then I thought that enough is enough. I am a young woman and I can help it I am not going to look like a hippo. I am also very short so if I gain a small amount of weight it looks like a lot that I gained.

So I told myself that I need to do something and I saw that Chardi was looking so beautiful with her Banting that she did, I thought that it would not hurt to try it.

I know that if I was not so determined to lose weight, I would not have lasted a week. But surprisingly I was very strict on myself and all the yummy food around me did not bother me anymore. Obviously I just wanted to take a small bite when I saw something that I want to eat but I kept my mind in place and just ignored it.

At the time that I started with the Banting, I weighed 70.3 Kg. Yes, throughout my journey I have cheated and did take bites of this and that. Luckily that did not affect me to gain any weight. It only made me not lose any.

My goal is to weigh 55 Kg. After 13 weeks of strict Banting (and a little cheating) I have lost a total of 11.6 Kg. So I am almost there.


In June, the feedback has just gotten better. Keep reading to see how our members are transforming their lives.


From Maxine, Launceston, Australia

“I really love the Banting 2.0 program and the Road to Awesome calculator - feel this is far friendlier than the old version.”


From Audrey Williams

“I am enjoying using this plan and find it very encouraging and 'safe.' So far I am doing very well.”


From Helen Tanner, Perth, Western Australia

“I've thoroughly enjoyed being on the program, I had been doing LCHF by myself for a number of months not for weight loss but to try change some other gut issues before joining the RMR, but I enjoy the support and ideas provided. My husband who was overweight has taken the journey with me this time and I'm amazed by his results as well. And no griping that he is hungry!


From Colleen Blundell, Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa

“I've been trying Banting on and off for years but this program is such a great guide as far as how much to eat, etc. Also more than any other program it hones in on the real reasons for being overweight - not just a food formula.”


From George Allan

“I've made a good start - weight and fat percentage now on a downward trend.”


From Michelle Whitaker, Tygervalley, Cape Town, South Africa

“I need constant motivation so your emails of encouragement help me keep Banting 2.0 - top of mind.


From Jan du Toit, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

Your Program is sublime - thank you.”


From Lize Weber, Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa

“I am pleased that I understand Banting quite a lot better. I have stopped eating carbs in Feb 2017, but was not losing weight. It is only now that I use the meal tracker that I fully understand how carb consumption really works.


From Margie Kennard-Davis, Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

It is extremely motivating using RMR! I love the plethora of info and the easy writing style used. Videos are very interesting.”


From Renette Hartridge, Brighton, UK

“Feel much better overall. I lost 3kgs in the first three weeks. Today I hit my first goal of 77kg, down from 84kg since 15 May. That is a total of 7kg or 1 stone as they say in England and the equivalent of 14 blocks of butter in weight loss. I am motivated to keep going down to my next goal of 70kg by mid-September and down to my awesome weight of 63kg by mid-December.”  


From Amanda Bornstein, Sydney, Australia

In three weeks I've lost 6 kilos - amazing loving the program!”


From Gabriella Giraud, Johannesburg, South Africa

“The program is awesome! Thank you for your devotion.”


From Margie Kennard-Davis, Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

I'm 7kg and one dress size down in six weeks, just in the Restoration phase! Yesterday I got out some old size 14 jeans I haven't been able to wear in yonks and I feel fab in them. I'm sleeping less and better, the brain fog has lifted and I feel alive & bouncy! RMR rocks!


From Helen Tanner, Perth, Western Australia

I have been so impressed with what diet has done to help my gut issues that I have decided to study nutrition and dietetics. Hopefully I can become part of the movement to change people's ideas about how they eat. Thank you for all the good work.”


We are so flipping chuffed to be able facilitate this kind of transformation in the lives of people who just love eating delicious food. If you fancy yourself a food lover and want to thrive at an Awesome Weight without starving yourself of the pleasures of real food, you should join us.

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