Robert Greene on Deep Personal Transformation

We have taught thousands of clients to change the way they eat since 2013, but only in about 2017 did we start really teaching them how to transform.  In my own transformation and in my weight loss coaching, I have always drawn inspiration from many sources miles away from health. It has helped me get […]

Impact of People Pleasing on Keto or Banting Weight Loss Journeys

By Victoria Webster, clinical psychologist How many people-pleasers does it take to change a lightbulb?  Well, only one, and not only will they change the lightbulb (and bring spares), they will pay the electricity bill, pick up the groceries and make you a sandwich (or hopefully a healthy Keto snack if you request it).  The […]

The Dread of Shopping for Clothes

by Victoria Webster – Clinical Psychologist Let’s talk about the changerooms at your local clothing shop. What is that you say? Let’s not talk about it? I totally get you.  The thought of a typical changeroom, despite just being an unusually small and underwhelming room, is likely to get your heart pumping and your anxiety […]

Goal Series #04 – Self-Talk on Banting and Keto

banting and keto negative self talk

YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTELY F$%#ING IDIOT. HOW THE F#$K COULD YOU MAKE SUCH A S#$T SHOW OF SOMETHING SO F#$%KING SIMPLE!!! That’s the voice in my head when I mess up. Do you get that too? How do you try to toughen yourself up? That voice is showing up quite a lot now that I […]