Reversing Diabetes: Pierre Mosely’s Story

In 2012, with sugar levels hitting 18, 42 year old New Zealander, Pierre Mosely was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

At the time of diagnosis, the only way Pierre could get through a day, without feeling ill, was to eat constantly. Pierre admits that his diet leading up to his diagnosis was predominantly carb and sugar filled, “I was eating loads of junk food and loved chocolate. Rice, bread and potatoes were a favourite. I also used to eat loads of fruit.”

One morning Pierre woke up with such poor eyesight that he couldn’t even see through his glasses. He headed straight down to the doctor’s office, where he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Pierre hadn’t noticed any of the initial warning signs, but in the shortest amount of time, his right eye had changed 5 points and his left eye 3 points. His doctor prescribed Metformin to try get his blood sugar levels down. It took a week for his eyesight to settle and it was during this time that Pierre decided he needed to do something drastic about his diet. Sadly,as is the testament for so many, it wasn’t long before Pierre was hitting the junk food and sweets again. He was fighting sugar highs and lows, shakes and none of his “dieting” attempts had done anything to aid his weight loss.


Reversing Diabetes through Banting

It was an uphill battle, until recently, when Pierre heard about Banting and the benefits for those suffering with type 2 diabetes. In fact it was only 10 weeks ago, to be precise, and the change he’s experienced in this short amount of time has been remarkable. Starting at 6 Metformins a day he’s now stopped all medication and his blood sugar is stable between 4 and 5. He’s no longer fighting hunger, shakes and sugar highs and lows. Overall he has a new lease on life.

In these 10 short weeks he’s dropped 13cm around his waist. Pierre warns not to base your measurements purely on the scale, ”I lost 5.3kg in week one and was overjoyed. But, for the next eight weeks, the scale hovered around the same number, which can become disheartening, if that is all you’re measuring. I thankfully measured my waist, gut and chest, along with recording my weight on the scale. Even though the scale hasn’t moved, I’ve lost 13cm around my waist. My gut has dropped 12cm. My clothes are hanging on me. I’ve already had to change belts once and only have one more hole left on my current belt; so please don’t just go by what your scale says. People who are used to trying diets will automatically focus on the scale and it is the wrong thing to do.”

Pierre sticks to a diet consisting of real food only, “I stick to the guidelines and stay on the green list. I try to ensure I get fat into each meal as then I don’t get hungry. I read up on ketosis and how well it works. I downloaded the app and measured everything I was eating. It blew my mind when I realised I was only taking in around 19g of carbs a day. Some days this can be as low as 9g.


Banting Concerns Overcome

Besides feeling awful in the second week, Pierre stuck it out and soon realised that it was merely an adjustment his body was going though. He now eats 2 meals a day and often misses breakfast as he’s just not hungry anymore.

Pierre didn’t go through this all alone though, he had a very supportive wife who was concerned, before he started Banting, at the amount of medication he was taking in on a daily basis. Pierre had also been suffering back issues and had just come out of hospital, before he started Banting, after having slipped a disk, which he attributes to his weight problems at the time. He admits that he wasn’t an instant convert and initially was very nervous about the fat intake. The first thing he did was buy a copy of Real Meal Revolution and read up on all the science. “The thing that struck me the most was how people with bigger weight problems than I had were turning their lives around and getting healthy from this. One can’t argue with facts and that is what convinced me to go for it.” Says Pierre

Overall he admits to feeling better than he has in a long time, with increased energy and a feeling of strength in his body.

His best piece of advice to others in a similar situation is, “If you’re having health issues and you want to get well, and you’ve tried a lot of diets without any success, then it is time to stop dieting and rather adopt a new lifestyle called Banting. This is not a diet and should not be looked at as adiet. It is a lifestyle and like everything in life, once you adapt to it, you don’t want to go back.”