Introducing the Newest Member to the Real Meal Family

The Real Meal Revolution was all about taking on the global obesity epidemic with a revolutionary approach to eating; it challenged ingrained beliefs, changed thousands of lives, and continues to sell in record-breaking numbers.

Now, with Raising Superheroes, the authors have set out to revolutionise the way we feed our children. It is time to challenge the children’s food industry and our old assumptions about what children need. It is time to give our children the best nutrition possible, and the best chance of a long and healthy life.

Raising Superheroes, the follow-up title to The Real Meal Revolution, is a “real food” cookbook that provides parents with scientifically supported nutrition advice and delicious recipes to raise the healthiest, brightest kids possible.

The Real Meal Revolution
It is important to note that Raising Superheroes is not a Banting cookbook; it doesn’t offer no-carb eating for kids. It does, however, advocate low-sugar, low-refined-carb, real food eating. It is the Real Meal Revolution’s next step towards changing the world. (There will be more!)

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Real Meal's Gone International

When Real Meal Revolution landed at number one on the bestsellers' list and stayed there for twelve weeks, the publishing community started asking the RMR team and Quivertree Publications just how they managed to hit that literary sweet spot.

Apart from the fact that the content in The Real Meal Revolution challenges the core fibre of science, medicine and public education, it has been edited to be become a hugely entertaining read. Incredible photographs of lip-smacking recipes by Proudfoot and Grier, shot by the great Craig Fraser, may also have something to do with the appeal.

Whichever way you look at it, this book is like the lover of your dreams – a well-balanced combination of sharp wit, good looks, impeccable taste and infinite wisdom all merged into one sexy package for anyone who eats food the world over.

The Real Meal Revolution

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The Real Meal Revolution challenges long-held beliefs of medical science, and does so in an easily accessible and entertaining way. An instant classic of modern dietary literature, Real Meal continues to reeducate medical professionals and members of the public alike, changing lives with its wisdom.

The Real Meal Revolution

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After landing our first print run, we discovered (to our horror) that there were a number of grammatical errors littered throughout the book. Although a few mistakes like ‘gluttonous’ instead of 'glutinous' can be forgiven, some need to be corrected. Please see the errors we found below, and let us know if you spot any additional mistakes.

  • How can alcohol be 'Green Listed'???
    Initially we placed items on the green list if they contained less than 5% carbs. This left us with a few alcohol choices that we added reluctantly, as we don't really support drinking. In our 2nd edition, which has now been released, we have removed all alcohol and added in a note in the form of the Eleventh Commandment (Download this for more info – The 10 Commandments of Beginner Banting). Although some drinks may have a low carb content, they still contain alcohol, which is toxic and bad for your health. We have left the alcohol decision up to you and ask kindly that you scratch that one off the list.
  • General Queries on the Green, Orange and Red Lists

    Avocadoes on both Green and Orange lists
    This is an error, avocadoes should only be on the Green List

    Sparkling wine is on the Green List but Fizzie Drinks are on the Red List
    'Fizzie Drinks' refers to soft drinks in the book. Champagne may be fizzie, but it is classed as dry wine. Please see above our comment on booze.

    Lists not in alphabetical order
    Sorry about that. We kind of rushed that a little. They have been perfected in the next edition.

  • Carb-Free Pasta - Page 68

    In the method:
    Line one - preheat oven to 160˚C

    Ignore the oven step completely. Originally we planned to bake the pasta, but after cooking it in water, we found it did not require baking. It works best in lasagne but can be cooked as normal pasta. Blanche it as you would normal pasta, but be careful, it cooks very quickly.

  • Carb-Free Bread - Page 72

    In the method:
    We have had a few Banters who have experienced problems with their bread not rising. Take these extra measures to guarantee it rises every time:
    We recommend using a food processor to make the mixture. This will ensure the best possible combination of the baking powder and as result will assist in the better rising of the bread. Raising agents are also prone to losing their chemical properties when left open for too long, so be sure to use only the freshest ingredients.

    Preheat oven...
    In a food processor, blend the dry ingredients together. Add the wet ingredients to the food processor and blend them together until a batter is formed Continue with recipe as normal

  • Blueberry and Cream Cheese Hotcakes - Page 97

    In the ingredients list:
    1/3 cup coconut flour 2/3 cup almond flour

    1/2 cup coconut flour 1/2 cup almond flour

  • Beef Steak with Horseradish Crème Fraiche and Roasted Tomato Salsa – Page 114

    In the method:
    Line two of the method for roasted tomato salsa – add the fried chourizo

    Ignore the chourizo step completely. It would still be very nice with added chourizo, but we have used lots of chourizo in the book already and decided to leave it out of this one (well, at least we tried to leave it out).

    Further Correction
    The photograph of this dish uses a light garnish of fresh diced tomato and not the roasted tomato salsa that is in the recipe. The roasted tomatoes will look a lot saucier and have charred bits floating in it

  • Braised Beef Shoulder - Page 125

    In the method:
    There is confusion or at least lack of clarity around what the meat should be braised in, at what temperature and for how long. The picture also shows the meat to be in a tray while the method suggests that it should be cooked in a pot.

    We suggest that it gets simmered in a pot with the liquid covering it for about 3 hours on a gentle heat. It could be done in the oven at 160˚C for about three hours too. Either way, the pot or the tray would need to be wrapped tightly in tinfoil.

  • Not Butter Chicken - Page 140

    We found that the extra steps below can add a little more strength to your sauce when making 'Not Butter Chicken'
    Step 7
    Bake in the oven, open, for two hours.

    Step 8
    By now the bake should be well coloured (dark brown) and the meat should be falling off the bone.

    Step 9
    There will still be a lot of sauce in the tray which you may either use as gravy or pour over cauli-rice. For those who like a thicker, gooeyer sauce, we recommend draining it out of the tray and reducing it in a sauce pan until it is much thicker, then adding it back to the chicken and serving it like that.

  • Nutty Crackers - Page 226

    In the ingredients list:
    50ml of water

    500ml water

    Also, please be sure to mix this mixture incredibly well. The crackers work much better on silicone paper than they do on grease proof paper too.