Do you eat your feelings?


No diets. Not gimmicks. No tricks. No BS.

“No Meal Plan Can Stop You From Eating Your Feelings!

“I’ve tried all the diets. Keto, Banting, Low Carb, Low Fat, Paleo, Pritican, Weight Watchers, Weigh Less and then some, but I always put the weight back on.

It works for the first couple weeks, then I just fall off the bus and lose steam. 

As soon as I hit a rough patch with work, finances, family, I’m under pressure or I’m just bored, I just eat. Eating generally makes me feel better.”

Sound familiar?

If this is you, then you’re on the right page. Emotional eating is a real thing, and it is totally normal. The problem comes in when it gets in the way of other goals like living a healthy, rich and fulfilling life.  

That’s why we developed this program.



with Victoria Webster, Clinical Psychologist



Victoria Webster, Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Addiction Specialist, Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioner specialising in Binge Eating

BA (UCT), BA Hons (UCT), MA SocSci (UCT), MA Clin Psych (WITS) 

“If you keep going where you are going, you will end up where you are heading”

Victoria’s passion lies in behavioural and emotional difficulties and how they overlap.

After working in several government psychiatric institutions, including Tara Hospital where she worked in the eating disorder unit, Victoria earned her stripes in one of South Africa’s toughest rehab facilities working with drug, alcohol and sugar addiction.

Victoria’s work in sugar addiction and eating disorders sparked her passion for physical well-being and the impact that eating and exercise has on emotional functioning.

Victoria is a master facilitator and her academic work has been published in the Journal of Neurovirology.


The Emotional Eating 6 Week Online Short Course is hosted 100% online and led by Victoria Webster in a combo of bite-sized, pre-recorded video lessons in our learning system and weekly home practice assignments. 

The course will guide you through successfully implementing proven techniques to curtail emotional eating. The result is greater control over your impulses (beyond eating) and the knowledge that you can confidently move forward with any diet or lifestyle changes that are valuable to you with greater promise of lasting change.


In week zero, we start seeing eating through a different lens. We will learn about the relationship between our eating and our own self-image. Our assignment and reflection exercise will be focussed on connecting the dots between the theory and our own unique stories. The home practice will help you identify what is working and open the door to more insights and extra clarity on the task at hand. 

Week one addresses the way our culture of dieting shapes the way we see our bodies and our perception of ourselves. This week’s assignment teaches you how to rinse your mind of all of the morality associated with eating a certain way, as you begin recreating your relationship with food from a clean slate. 

In week two we begin connecting the dots between emotions and eating. We all know we are emotional eaters, but we will now be empowered with knowledge of how these mechanisms work as well as tools to begin severing the connection between and how your feel and your need to eat. 

Week three goes deeper into the people, places, events and other situations that drive you to eat. You will finish this week with a tool kit that you can put to work to immediately to begin celebrating, stressing, fighting etc. without needing to eat everything without the harmful consequences that come with eating to solve these problems. 

Struggle to say no without feeling bad, or creating tension? In week four we learn how to lay down firm boundaries with ourselves and others without losing friends and alienating people.  

In the penultimate week of this course, we discover the source of true mental strength and resilience. We gain the knowledge and skills required to improve the way we cope with stress and practice techniques to build resilience. 

On the home straight we discover how our worthiness is connected to our eating habits and learn how our values influence our actions. Our last step is to develop a game plan for creating lasting change.


Course starts when you sign up and content and instructions are released every week for six weeks, with a bonus week. Unlimited access to course content.


Weekly Troubleshooting on Zoom: Every Wednesday at 5pm, we host a Zoom meeting run by Victoria Webster (Clinical Psychologist) and our coaches. The purpose of this session to is to practice the principles from the theory and share insights and learnings from the home practice exercises. These sessions are incredibly valuable, but not compulsory. Recordings are emailed the following day.

WhatsApp Support Group: Victoria, our coaches and tech support team run a WhatsApp group to guide participants through the process, and to answer any questions they may have about where to find the right info, what to eat – literally anything. While this is incredibly valuable, this group is also not compulsory.

Group Support: Unlike DIY Courses, this course has a fixed start date and end date, which puts everyone in the same boat, together. The cohort all experience the same things at the same time, and between the WhatsApp group and weekly Zoom sessions, the group members tend to galvanise around their goals and achieve better results (incomparable to DIY courses)


When you sign up, our support team will reach out and onboard you. You will be kept crystal clear about what your next steps are.

Introduction week is open the week before the course starts. This week will get you up to speed with a lot of the high level theory.

Time Commitment

2 hours a week excluding weekly workshops (optional but very powerful).

Expected Results

Improved control over your eating.

Peace of mind around your weight.

Improved body image.

Raised self-esteem.

Stronger ability to put yourself first and make better decisions more often.


Upfront or in three installments through PayJustNow

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With The Real Meal Revolution, my greatest achievement has been creating a menu for the world that has made every day more special, and enabled people to live richer and more memorable lives.

Be it high performance, environmentally friendly or health focused, my purpose remains the same.

To transform life on earth through better eating.

Jonno Proudfoot

CEO of the Real Meal Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

After you press the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ you will be directed to a payment page where you will enter your credit car details and pay for the course. If you have payment issues, please mail support@realmealrevolution.com.

One week before the program launches, the welcome module will be released and you will begin preparing for the course. The welcome module may be released early. 

Our team will reach out via SMS and Email and you receive a link to join the Emotional Eating Online Short Course WhatsApp group. 

From then onwards, you will receive updates and instructions via email and through the WhatsApp group. You may also use the WhatsApp group to connect with others on the program. 

By signing up, you consent to us adding you to the program WhatsApp group. 

No. This is not a diet program. This course focused on psychology and is for anyone on any diet wanting to get better control or understanding of emotional eating. 

The benefits of losing weight this way are that the state of ketosis reduces your appetite and cravings, and it allows you to lose weight without exercise.


Once you get the hang of things you will be eating delicious, filling, nourishing dishes as a habit. You will never feel restricted. 

Great question.

The Kickstart or RMR Online is for someone who wants to start a keto or Banting diet transformation. It is purely keto or Banting focused content with meal plans and recipes and the focus on getting you into ketosis so you can lose weight. 


The Four in One Bundle is a combination of Online Courses and RMR Online. It is essentially a Do-It-Yourself program. This is ideal if you are not likely to want help, and happy to follow email instructions and discipline yourself to work through the program. 


The Perfect Keto Online Short Course is for those who want to absolutely nail Keto and get it perfect under the guidance of Bridget. This is the only program at RMR where you get to work with her directly, in a medium sized group, and learn from her, our coaching staff and our team directly. 


The Emotional Eating Online Short Course is not focused on any particular diet, but rather your approach towards dieting and your own image. It is designed to teach you why you may yo-yo diet, or battle to create lasting change. It also empowers you to create lasting change and adopt eating and self-care habits permanently.

If you are already on a mission to improve your eating, please stay the course. If you are not currently on an eating program, that’s also fine. There is no need to go on a diet before, during or after this program. Although, after this program your motivation to make better choices will be dramatically improved.

Basic Requirements


In order to experience this Online Transformation Program, you’ll need a current email account and access to a computer and the internet, as well as a PDF Reader.


Browser Requirements


We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when accessing the Transformation Platform. Although this is not a requirement, we have found that this browser performs best for ease of access to course material.

This browser can be downloaded here.


Additional Requirements


Please make sure you have downloaded Zoom and that you have checked that your mic and camera are both working. The workshops, where most of the magic happens, are hosted on Zoom.


Please go here to set up Zoom in advance. It is free and takes about three minutes.


Please check with an Enrolment Hero before registering for this course, if you have any concerns about the technology affecting your experience with the Online Transformation Platform.