Tracy Hardcastle

Age: 44
Country: South Africa

Size 22

Size 16 (also lost 19cm around waist)


115.6kg (an only getting started)


Tracy Hardcastle, one of her latest clients, was no different. This is what Tracy had to say when she hopped online for an interview for our Wall of Power.

ME: Tell us about the lowest low you experienced before deciding to change your life.

Tracy: Seeing my weight of 126kg on the scale during lockdown

ME: How did you feel about your health?

Tracy: My health is tricky. I have a Rare Disease and I’m learning to manage it and my weight. I had trouble sleeping, no energy, lots of aches and pains and I was always hungry.

ME: How did you feel about your body, yourself and/or your prospects of becoming healthy?

Tracy: To be honest I was overwhelmed when I decided to follow keto, I knew I needed guidance in many areas. Finding RMR online and Sam changed my family’s life and made everything so easy to follow. It’s remarkable I still have a long way to go but I feel like I’m in control again and I’m more confident in the choices I make regarding food. I also understand why I make certain decisions about food. Sam and RMR have opened my eyes to many things regarding my health and eating habits. My family is excited about our healthier future

ME: What made you decide to make the change?

Tracy: I have a rare disease and I when COVID struck, I decided to take action. I was also not happy with the image in the mirror.

ME: How did you discover RMR?

Tracy: I was searching for Banting guidance online and stumbled across the Real Meal Revolution.

ME: What were you expecting?

Tracy: I was just expecting the food lists telling me what to eat and what not to eat.

ME: What did you actually get?

Tracy: I joined the coaching program and I found recipes which I love! I got support on various issues through talks, interviews and explanations. I used their Web App to track a very detailed collection of my measurements. The Web App also gave me access to complete menus, grocery lists and of course, Sam, my incredible coach

ME: How did your experience differ from other health or diet experiences you have had before?

Tracy: The biggest difference is that we have made this a lifestyle. We’re not following it like a diet. Love it!

ME: What are some of the significant changes in your life that you believe came from RMR?

Tracy: I’m definitely more confident, I’m excited about my family’s future. We’re all healthier and better informed.

ME: Give us some physical stats, like how much weight you’ve lost, and/or cm loss, and/or clothing size.

Tracy: Was a size 22.now wearing 16/18. Starting weight was 126kgs in September 2020. I’ve lost 19cm on my waist and 10.4kgs

ME: What other physical, medical, emotional or mental benefits are you experiencing?

Tracy: Since RMR all areas of my health and more have shown huge improvement.

I’m sleeping better. I’m not hungry all the time. I have more energy and the brain fog has gone. Aches and pains are gone, no bloating and discomfort, and definitely more confident in the choices I make about food!

ME: What kind of people do you think would benefit from RMR the way you have?

Tracy: I truly believe everybody can benefit. My family’s life has changed for the better. We love our food and our new lifestyle.

ME: Is there anything else you’re like to say?

Tracy: Sam, you have been incredible. Searching for a role model wasn’t easy for me and when I read your story I knew exactly that you would be my role model. Thank you for all the kindness, support, wisdom and personal experiences you shared. Having a coach definitely grounded me and I’m going to miss you!