Steve Akester

Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town
Before Weight:
After Weight:
Banting Strictness:

Before I started Banting i was of the belief that if i ate healthy (Fruit and Veg, Energy Bars, Health bars) i would lose weight.
I also started running 2-3 KM a day and started swimming 20 lengths a day. The strain on my body was very severe.
My weight was 109 Kgs and my BMI was in excess of 33/35. I was obese. I had quit smoking and was putting on weight at a rate of 1Kg a month in spite of exercise and “Dieting”.

Then I heard about it from a book signing ceremony in Century city Cape Town.

What happened next was i realized that the carb and the sugars were my enemy. My “Diet” was adding weight and not reducing it.

I started immediately. The pressure of hunger was off. I ate whatever i needed but stuck specifically to the Banting style and suggestions.

Within days i started reducing weight. Other problems, sugar highs, energy dips etc, all stopped. My skin started to improve.

What i thought were unassociated problems all started to clear up. Pains at night in my body, poor skin condition, irregular bowel movement, dental problems with pain and cavities etc.

I have lost over 30Kg’s. I no longer starve. I eat normally sticking specifically to the foods banting suggests. I have changed my eating lifestyle.

I am fitter today than when i was 22 years old. My weight is down to 80Kg’s. My pant size went from 42 to 32. I wear Shirts size Small and Medium. My BMI isnormal now. I run 50KM a week with ease.

My final comment on Banting. Banting saved my life. People are literally shocked by my change. I feel and look ten years younger. As an ex smoker, i am now healthier than when i started smoking over 30 years ago. The effect is beyond incredible and all i can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.