Shaun Cavanagh

Age: 40
Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg

Lost 10.5kg

20cm around the gut


Here is the shoutout Shaun gave us on Instagram.


See it live here.


“MASSIVE shout out to @jonnoproudfoot from @realmealrevolution I started this journey 12 weeks ago.

10.5kgs lost and 20cm around the gut.

No sugar and carbs is a normal way of life now.

Tons of tasty recipes on the 4-in-1 Bundle with plenty of support.

First 2 weeks was difficult and tough on me but now it’s a norm. Just crazy how much crap food and crap in our food there is!?

Haven’t stepped up the exercise because I wanted to see the results purely from a diet perspective. All the proof needed.


Stoked to have clothes fit me that haven’t in years and to be able to take my shirt off on the beach without feeling embarrassed.


Dedicated to my Girls xxx Love you two ❤️”


Check this out to get Shaun’s results.