Nico Kirsten

Country: South Africa
City: Benoni
Before Weight:
After Weight:
Banting Strictness:

I have tried some diets over the years, but realised that they do not work. I made a decision that I will not go on another diet, unless it is for the rest of my life.

Even when I exercised, I never lost weight, I noticed that my appetite went up with the amount of exercise.

Then in May 2014 I saw my brother and sister-in-law after a few months and could not believe how much weight they have lost. That is when they told me about banting. They gave us a quick overview and we (mom, dad, 2 x sons) started immediately the next day. Although finishing the “bad” stuff we already had in the kitchen, I still lost like 2-3kg in the first week.

When spring came (September 2014), we felt good and I started participating in the weekly Parkrun (5km) walk/run. At that point I was still too overweight to run, but my first 3 walks I did, I improved my times from 46min to 43min. 8 months later I still dothe Parkrun regularly and my last one I ran in 32min. I am more of a casual participant, mostly running on weekends only.

It is difficult to keep the children on a strict banting plan, they still eat biscuits and sweets and drink some soda, but I tell them daily how bad sugar/carbs are for your health.

I can say that I will never eat in a different way again.

I hope that Prof Tim Noakes will read this, because I would like to personally thank him for what he has done to research dieting and eating habits and all. My dream has come true because of him. I have always believed that people (like me) that are/were overweight does not have themselves to blame. Now that banting is out there, you can only blame yourself if you are overweight.

With a little bit of sadness, I wished this had come 5 years earlier, because it could have save my mother’s life. She died because of complication due to obesity (heart failure).

Thank you Prof Tim and your team, we appreciate you. You have taken so much abuse, I have read some of it on the net. But you mean so much to us because of this. We are certain that the truth will conquer and the food revolution will turn around the industry.