Marietjie Witte

Country: South Africa
City: Worcester, Western Cape

Weight Lost:


CM Lost:

Marietjie Witte-100

After my husband was admitted to the hospital, I stayed with him all day every day. During that time, I started living on take-away. I ate KFC during the mornings at hospital, and whatever I could find that was still open, at night.

After he died, the lifestyle kept going. The next two years consisted of food and having a good time. The kilograms piled on and in early 2020, I decided to change my lifestyle.

My blood pressure was out of control and my sugar was up from 7/8 to above 12.

The doctor increased my medication during each visit. He warned me that I needed to lose weight for my health. I was very depressed and miserable at that point. I was lying in bed one night and saw an ad for RMR on Facebook. I joined that same evening.

I knew if I didn’t do it immediately, it would never happen.

Although it was sometimes difficult, I have now adapted to the lifestyle.

Although I am not yet at my goal weight yet, I have already lost 26.7kg and 29cms around my waist. I went from a size 24 jean to an almost 18. My size 20 jeans are now too big!

In the meantime, I have to adjust my clothes to make it fit all the time!

My blood pressure is much better, my sugar reading is normal. I am much healthier, more energetic and it’s so nice to see the kilograms and cm disappear. Without the help of my coach, Petrolene, I would not have been able to do this. She is always there with advice and help. I can send her a message at any time and get instant feedback. When I struggle she is always there with advice. The macro counter also helps a lot to make sure you are not eating too much. Having an eating plan available is also very convenient.

I have learned what foods to avoid and what foods I can tolerate. I can socialize with family and friends, eat the right foods without feeling deprived. And I no longer have sugar cravings.