Lisa Van Aswegen

Age: 44
Country: Germany
City: Berlin

20 kg over 5 months

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Lisa joined RMR as part of a private one-on-one coaching engagement with me (Jonno) on my Food Transformation Program. Food Transformation is designed to help you redesign your relationship with food, and yourself. This is what she had to say about her experience with me and RMR.


“Before I joined, food was an emotional crutch. And it is still something I battle with. I felt out of control, and my health was showing it. Not only in terms of weight but issues with joints and mobility.


I felt it was impossible for me to improve my health, or highly unlikely to improve. I had no faith in myself.


I eventually decided to make a change when my health issues deteriorated, and I was inspired by a friend who had been through the process with Jonno.


I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt I needed to give it a shot.


I got a massive injection of positive thinking that resulted in real changes, not only in my weight but in my personal life. Dealing with many emotions and coming to terms with many facets of myself, not always pretty. I got professionalism, I was asked many uncomfortable questions, and I was given immense support – more than I felt I deserved at the time.


The most significant shift was my understanding of what lies behind eating motiviations, understanding of my own personal views on food, alcohol and its consumption. I also experienced a huge improvement in my self-esteem and belief in self when it comes to physical activities.


It was so different from other diets or exercise programs, because it sorted out my thinking about things; not just an ABC here you go. But delving deep into the “why”.


I got results too. I fit into more types of clothing now, I feel more confident and I am trying new things.
‘If you’re the kind of person who thinks nothing will help you, that you aren’t able to change, that you won’t see benefits then this is exactly the program you need.


Saying something is life-changing is a big statement. But this process has given me that.


And realising that food is a small part of it all, and not the massive monster I’ve allowed it to become. That said, it is an ongoing process. Nothing is instant, and I still have good days, bad days, better weeks, some weeks where I’m almost back to square one. But the biggest and most important thing is that my thinking and understanding of myself will never be back to square one.


OH, and I wore a bikini for the first time in my life. I am very far from being a supermodel, have only lost about 1/3 of what I need to, but it felt wonderful!


Jonno is a superstar, and a kind (sometimes pushy) rock to have in your corner.”