Leslie van Romburgh

Country: South Africa
City: Pietermaritzburg

Before Weight:

After Weight:

Banting Strictness:


I ran my last Comrades in 2010 (No 10, in 10h21min – my goal was 10h20min = 2010 so sentimental), anyway and felt that I have reach my personal goal – Carbo loaded for 10 years 3 days before every marathon and ultra.

I stopped running the weight started adding up (but I had something to blame – not running) and a few year later, my back opp (YAH, lucky me  more reason to gain weight and eat more). Together with that, I was also diagnosed (makes it sound so serious) with depression cant remember what year but who keeps record of their flaws, and YAH again, another reason to gain weight, eat and just be merry (or so I thought). To add to that, I am privileged enough to have an inactive thyroid YAH!!!!! Lucky me!

SO WHATs the problem half dead, fat and happy, in a job a really loved but was driving me nutty (more than I already was) and thinking that life was just hunky dory I carried on eating merrily = not good food, a packet of Zoo cookies, a LARGE packet of Simba Chips, Samp & Beans from my local Spar, Toast every time I walked past the toaster ….. I will stop there as I am embarrassing myself just typing it (o, yes, Oros by the litres the kid in me) and did not worry as I had MORE than enough reason (mentioned above) to be fat.

I did resign in 2013 so now I am a housewife and my eating habits got even worse and started eating in the sly as my husband really did not like me being overweight.

NOW, deep inside I was terribly sad and uncomfortable. I battled to clip my toenails, I slept badly as my tummy was in my way no really, I had a small amount of clothes that fitted. I did not want to go anywhere as my clothes looked terrible and I ALWAYS had to try to add something big so that I could hide the rolls being pushed over my pants.

So out of desperation, I tried to obtain “drugs” to help me lose weight.

I started Banting in about January 2014 but very on and off. I head the Prof on the radio and bought the book and could not put it down but like many, I battle to start.

See my weight loss chart below. Initially, it was a LITTLE hard but guys, nothing like I have gone through before and I have been on it all:

1. Weigh Less

2. The Diet Everyone Talks About (very similar to Prof. Tim’s plan and include weekly injections and they check your pee for Carbs)

3. PET (Proper Eating Training)

4. The soup Diet

5. A Diet where you eat only Broccoli for a day, I cant even remember I felt like dying!

6. Carcenia Combogia tabs (what a fast!)

7. Herbex

8. Nutricelle Appetite Drops

9. A saw a real Dietitian she herself was rather plump and that in itself made me negative

10. The Holford Diet

11. Body for Life

12. Look better naked

13. The Abs Diet

14. If I can remember them all, the list would probably go on and on (name a diet or new eating plan and I was IN)

15. I even tried to do the finger down the throat which I just could not do how desperate can you get

You can imagine the amount of money I have spent.

Date: – Weight Loss:

19-Aug 67.8

21-Aug 66.5 1.3

26-Aug 64.9 2.9

29-Aug 64.1 3.7

02-Sep 63.8 4

07-Sep 63.3 4.5

12-Sep 63.3 4.5

24-Sep 61.6 6.2

06-Oct 60.6 7.2

11-Oct 60.2 7.6

18-Oct 59.6 8.2

22-Oct 59.4 8.4

25-Oct 59.1 8.7

27-Oct 58.4 9.4

Currently, I’m 55kg I think I only weighed this in Grade 8

Now, I am starting to get cramps in my hands from all this typing but the moral of the story (darn long story) is:

1. Firstly, you must want to lose weight for YOURSELF not ANYONE else!

2. Your mind has to be right and that is something ONLY you will know desperation does not = right time!

3. I am an ALL OR NOTHING person (read that somewhere and it all made sense to me. I have to do it right or not at all)

I started seriously Banting in Aug 2014 and will NEVER ever change my way of eating.

I have never felt better in my life. I get up at 5h00, most mornings I am awake before my alarm, I work like a dog in my house (as far as my disabled body can go), I don’t sleep in the afternoon anymore (I did that lots after my retirement) I’m 46 years old, my memory is better, I cope with my dear husbands nonsense and all & all, I feel like a million bucks!!!!

Yes, there are other factors like not having work stress etc. But I am convinced it is the way of eating and the loss of excess weight that is the contribution factors.