Johanita Jordaan


Before Weight: 94kg

Before Centimetres: 112cm


After Weight: 69.6kg

After Centimetres: 84.5cm


Loss kg: 24.4kg

Loss cm: 27.5cm


Strictness: 90%


This is testimonial of a client of Sam Bell, head coach and program coordinator at RMR. She’s a legend, and so is Johanita.

“My SMART goal for 30 June is to fit into a size 10/34 pants. I did achieve my SMART goal for 30 June 2018.

Graduation day is exciting. Am I ready to stay on the Bant Wagon by myself? Of course I am. I started seriously Banting with Sam on 17 June 2017. In the beginning, I didn’t take Sam’s advice too seriously and thought I can live the life I want without truly giving my all on the Banting front. I thought I knew better but in retrospect, Sam was just being very patient with me. By 19 June 2017 I weighed 94kg and measured 112cm. Sam eased me into a program to slowly cross over from bad unhealthy habits to good Banting habits. At first it was Banting Breakfast choices, then a few weeks down the line I started to Bant twice a day still snacking in between and eating a normal meal but then a friend of mine said: “you cannot Bant and eat normal at the same time, you will double in size.” That’s when I pushed into Banting full time and moved to 2 Meals A Day (no snacking). I refused deserts over weekends at family gatherings. My family was supportive and even made separate meals for me at functions. By the 31 December 2017 I lost 18.6kg and 19.5cm.

It was all about weight in the beginning but as I progressed I found the benefits of Banting far outweighed the weight I had lost. I stopped taking my anti-depressants which I was on for years and years. I started feeling more confident. The little stars I used to see when I shaved under my arms disappeared. I can sleep on my stomach again. My skin recovered, after suffering from cracked heels and adult acne for many years. I can play with my kids without getting tired. I wake earlier in the mornings with more energy than before. I worked harder and walked faster without so many aches and pains. But the main thing was that I became healthy and that is what I aim for at this point – perfect health. Last year I spent R 25,000 on medical bills and medicine for me and my kids. This year I’ve rarely been sick and I only got sick after I cheated. My conclusion, I’m healthy. I used to get retina aneurisms all the time (those lights you see in your eyes); if I had them 3 times this year it’s a lot. Today is 30 June 2018 and I weigh 69.6kg and measure 84.5cm. In total I’ve lost 24.4kg and 27.5cm but there is no measure for the health I have gained on this journey.

I do not want to be ill again. I want to live my best life until the day I breathe my last breath. To be active and play. To be stable in my mood and think better about myself. These are the things I strive for now. To use food as medicine and stay away from sugar. I’m always grateful to my God and Yeshua (Jesus) His Son for letting Sam be a part of my life. And I’m super grateful to Sam, who played such an important part in my life, being a key reason for this huge transformation of my body and soul. Thank you, Sam. I will check in with you ad hoc to keep you informed of my journey. Thank you for holding my hand for so long. Now it’s time to do this on my own.

May you be blessed with Shalom (Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity).”