Jhanine Honeymoon

Age: 51
Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town

Lost: 18kg
Down: 20.5cm on waist and 18.5cm on hips
Off pain meds
Off three different bladder medications
No more headaches
Wake up feeling energised

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I have always had a problem with food. I wasn’t overweight as a teen but I was extremely body

conscious, my mom was always on a diet or taking diet pills. So I saw food as the enemy, it will make you fat! This led to a very unhealthy way of eating for me.

We also went on a low fat diet which was introduced to us by the gym we had joined. No one in my family was actually overweight but we all seemed to think we needed to watch what we were eating and exercise all the time.

After having my kids I was determined to lose any extra weight I had gained, but this did not happen as easily after my second child and each year I just seemed to be about 3 to 5kgs heavier. The one year I bought a treadmill and spent every morning on it for half an hour, all that happened was that I got heavier. I got so addicted to hot chocolate at one point that, that was all I put into my body, which led to chronic diarrhea. When the doctor eventually said I needed to go for a colonoscopy I decided it was time for a change! By this point I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and was on anti inflammatory and anti reflux meds daily. I would also have a headache everyday.

A friend had just started banting and I thought there was no way I could do it but thought I had better try something, so I did. That was in 2014. I lost 16kg’s and felt amazing, but I let it all slip back on by allowing the sugar to creep back in.

My health had just deteriorated yearly. I struggled with constipation from as far back as I can remember as a child, but once cutting out grains that stopped. I had fibromyalgia and reflux, daily headaches, my body was constantly sore, I had back and neck pain all the time. My chiropractor was getting rich! I ran my own playschool and I found it difficult to get up off the floor with the kids. I felt tired all the time.

I was embarrassed and disgusted about my body. I knew that I had to change the way things were. I decided during lockdown last year that I needed to start banting again. I was lying in bed one night and the RMR advert popped up on Facebook I think and I clicked on the link and started reading someone’s story, I decided then that I was signing up. At almost midnight I was paying for the Online Course. I thought I would be able to do this easily as I had done banting before but I was shocked by how high my carbs were on the tracker and realised that I needed to adjust my eating. I had been trying Banting on and off and didn’t seem to be able to lose the weight like I did the first time and with the tracker I could see where I was going wrong.

I saw an advert on Facebook and clicked on the link! I knew what Real Meal was because I have all the books.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was at the point where I needed someone to help me get back on track, so I was hoping someone out there would make sure I was doing what I needed to do.

The RMR Online Course was amazing, I had the basics already as a previous banter but it was great to listen to the videos again and reconnect with that way of life and remind myself why it works and why it’s healthy for your body.

I signed up with a coach in the Coaching Program 2 months in after 3 kidney stone operations. That was really helpful and I highly recommend having a coach and the prescription advice from your dietitian. I then ended up in the Heroes Program and that took my experience to the next level. I love the daily check-ins and the zoom meetings with the group. It’s amazing how you can make connections with total strangers and become accountable to them in such an honest and vulnerable way.

It has made me realize I can eat yummy food and still lose weight and be healthy. My past experience was that food had to be boring and tasteless and you would have to starve to lose weight, now I know otherwise!

My relationship with food and why I eat it is so different. I eat food to feed my body and keep it healthy, I don’t have to starve to look and feel good. I also don’t run to chocolate when I am angry or stressed because I have learnt to question why I am doing that. I use the 5 whys technique.

I am on no medication for pain, reflux or the 3 different medications I was on for my bladder issues and I don’t get headaches anymore!

I am able to wake up earlier in the mornings not feeling tired. I want to exercise and do it to feel good and not for weight loss.

I have lost 18kg, 20.5 cm”s on my waist, 18.5cm on my hips, I am back in my size 32 jeans and I can walk into a shop and take a size small top and know it will fit now!

I forget that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia now unless I have had let some sugar slip in then I can feel it slightly. I have not needed a chiropractor or physio in over a year. I am on no medication at all anymore! My bladder and kidney problems seem to be a thing of the past too. I enjoy going for a walk now and look forward to them.

On Keto/Banting and intermittent fasting I have been able to come off all medication, but on Banting alone I still needed an anti-inflammatory once or twice a week and anti reflux medication, so this way of eating is definitely the way for me.

In fact, most people will benefit from eating this way.