Jenni Lemmon

Age: 72
Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town

11kg in 12 Weeks

16cms off the waist

No more napping

Can play for two hours with my grandson, work in the garden on my knees and walk steep hills without getting ‘puffed’.

And, I can paint my own toenails


Jonno caught up with Jenni Lemmon, who was just wrapping up her Three Month Hero Program to hear how she crushed her 11kg and what has changed for her. 


In her own words, this is her story…


I am a health professional so I have always tried to do the right thing. My weight has always been more than I would have liked, so I have done quite a bit of yo-yo dieting. I belonged to a hiking group and did regular long hikes and trails. It’s only been in the last 6 years, since retirement (and covid) that I have gradually deteriorated to this ghastly level.


We saw food as a special interest. We love food and experimenting with new recipes. Probably lived to eat, rather than eating to live!


The state of my health in 2021 made me feel UNFAMILIAR INADEQUATE AND OLD! 


My weight and health slowly got worse.over the last 6 years , since retirement, especially since Lockdown.


Most noticeable to me was breathlessness, avoiding hills. During this time period for the first time my blood pressure, which had always been lower than normal, rose to a point where it had to be medicated. I was also diagnosed as hypothyroid. Then I thought Yay!! A hormonal reason for all my ills. But nothing changed for the good.


I couldn’t get back to sleep after a bathroom call during the night. And, I’d wake up tired and already thinking about the next time I could lie down again.


Resting for longer in the afternoons.

Physically I was struggling to do things which formerly were not an issue, like emptying the pool weir basket, struggling to get up from the floor. I had a few falls which buggered my knees further.


Difficulty in doing my own pedicures.


We had the joy of a new grandson in March 2020 and when lockdown eased I was able to cuddle him for the first time, but I could only manage to hold him a few minutes before my arms or back gave in. I found this very embarrassing and also very sad… not being strong enough to assist my daughter as much as I would have liked. I avoided any afternoon commitments because I knew I would be tired… except for playing online bridge which meant at least I could sit down.


My confidence plummeted, my patience was zero. I had previously been a capable, active person, very hands on. I became quite moody and was unable to deal with the stresses of my life: My husband’s aging meant I had now to manage all our personal as well as our financial and property matters.


In short I was stressed and very unhappy.


I had to make a change. I could not carry on like this. The final straw was hitting 80kgs!


I discovered RMR at its inception and went to all the early presentations, workshops and the first international LCHF 4 day conference.

I have your two books, Jonno, both signed personally by you.


I recently noticed that I was on RMR in 2016 with a starting weight of 65kg !!!!! Which is now my long term target goal.But I don’t remember this.

I think you have made a big marketing push with your emails in the last while and it was as if you were specifically writing to me! I found them very relevant to me and interesting.


I had previously consulted Bridget and asked her for group support, which wasn’t available at that time. I realised that I needed to have accountability and support. This was a big step for me. Admitting I needed help as I have always previously been self- sufficient and independent.


I was expecting Information about food and recipes and accountability to the web app and support from the web.

What I got was, oh, so, so much more. And so much personal, REAL human attention. There has been a wealth of information for all aspects of one’s life. The Friday interactive workshops are truly life-changing.


RMR initiated significant changes in my life, such as 100% commitment to the process of regenerating myself.

Sam and Jonno’s workshops on the food lists gave me clarity and updates about the current research and the importance of sticking to the green lists to lose weight quickly!! And I only had 12 weeks to do it as I knew I would not be able to sign up again.


I made the decision that there would be NO Banting products, which in effect meant ONLY whole real unprocessed food . In previous years the Banting products were centre stage and unfortunately took precedence over real food.


I received practical tips to overcome temptations: Delay – Decide – Distract


For the first time I was able to do Intermittent Fasting easily as hunger (or habit), receded, and even managed One Meal A Day without any discomfort.

For me a big thing for OMAD success was having a delayed L-UPPER lunch-supper meal early-ish, like the family Sunday lunch/braais of old. Without the old snacks of course. Learnt to substitute with snacks like liver pate and courgette hummus.


The difference between RMR and other diets i have tried is more knowledge about food and greater understanding of the mental and psychological aspects of eating. I was particularly blown away by the metabolic processes especially the Ghrelin hormone and our body’s hunger circadian rhythm. This was a light bulb experience for me.


I started out at 80kgs My 12 week target was 68.

5 Days ago I weighed in at 69. 11 kgs

My waist measurement has moved from 100cms to 84 16 cms lost

I no longer need to rest in the afternoons.

I can play with my grandson in the afternoon for an hour or two.

I can dig up flower beds in the garden,

I can kneel down to empty the pool weir basket.

I can walk up Cecelia Forest without getting puffed.

I can comfortably reach my feet for pedicure


I am determined to continue to say NO to the things that will stop me from being the healthy active person I want to be.

‘If you’re the kind of person who likes to know reasons for doing something, who likes to learn about new research and who wants to understand the science behind self-improvement and who wants to expand your life in all fields and NOT your waist… then you will love RMR…


My confidence has returned and I feel more like I am who I am meant to be.


I am coping much better with my management of stresses.


I still have several kgs to go before my target weight of 65 and get my waist measurement down more to a medically acceptable level. My blood pressure is still high. I do believe that I now have the tools and skills to achieve this.


I am so glad that I made the decision to join a Hero group. Being on the amazing Hero program with Sharon has taught me the significance of processes.

I will continue with the processes of 16/8 IF, eating green list only and staying within my macros.


I did not do so well with the process of exercising to strengthen my hips and knees. But one of my Group members suggested breaking up the exercises into small chunks throughout the day. And that has worked for me. . I am focussing on mindfully turning my functional actions into strengthening actions. So I now do my squats while unloading the dishwasher or while brushing the pool, getting up from the armchair without using arms and rising up on toes to put dishes on the upper shelves. I also walk mindfully, using the butt muscles.


Although I don’t like exercise, I love moving and hope to soon return to line dancing.


My life is back on track