Glenda Smith

Country: South Africa
City: Alberton



Size 12 jeans


Size 18 jeans

Glenda Smith

Glenda Smith joined the Real Meal Revolution and this is her parting comment to her coach, Sam!


And this is what she had to say about her journey


As an emotional and boredom eater, I saw food as a go to for comfort and a sense of well being. I did not realize at that very moment, the long term damage I was doing to myself. The feeling of satisfaction was only temporary and I was often left exhausted and wanting more food to try and get more energy.


I never noticed the weight creeping on my body like little ninjas, I was aware of it, but I never actually saw it . Trying on clothes became a challenge, as I would see something that I really liked and wanted to purchase, only to discover that I was no longer that size, but a size larger. It eventually became a challenge to find nice clothes in a large or extra large size. My lowest low was when I saw a photograph of myself taken at a wedding and I was shocked at how much weight I had put on. At that time, I weighed 96kg. I then realized that just another 4kgs and I would be weighing a whopping 100kgs?


I suffer from high blood pressure and never realized the stress I was putting my body under. It was almost as if I believed that I was healthy, but realized much later that I was in complete denial about my health and weight issues.


I hated my body and myself. I tried so many diets and forms of exercise in hopes of improving my confidence and body image. Nothing worked. I could never sustain a diet for longer than two weeks. I am also someone who needs to see results immediately or I became de-motivated and gave up. It has been a vicious cycle for years.


I finally took action after looking at my photos and realising that I did not want to be like that anymore.


The first discovery was when The Real Revolution Book came out and listening to Prof. Tim Noakes talking about this new lifestyle of eating. I then started doing research and discovered that RMR had coaches that could assist and help me move forward on my journey to a healthier and more wholesome me.


To be honest, I was expecting another mambo jumbo nonsense way of eating that may or may not help me to lose weight. I purchased the book in desperation, in the hopes that it would help me. Desperate times call for desperate measures and at the time, I was willing to try and do anything .


To my surprise, I got wholesome food that tasted amazing and I started to lose weight. I was never hungry and had enough energy to deal with almost anything. But, having a coach to assist me on my journey was a bonus.


The first thing that I noticed about RMR, is that if you eat healthy and properly, you will not get hungry. On previous diets I was constantly hungry and would eventually cheat and then eventually give up on my diet/ eating plan completely.


I am pleased to say that at the moment my doctor and I are in the process of taking me off or at least halving my Blood Pressure tablets.

From wearing a size 18 jeans to wearing a size 12 has boosted my confidence. I am glad I had photos to compare the before and after photos as I did not notice how much weight I had actually lost.


I also suffer from depression and I have noticed that even though I am going through a very stressful time in my life at the moment, I am facing the day with a sense of purpose and managing my mental and emotional well being very well.


Today I am happy and more accepting of myself. I feel more energetic and healthier than before and I feel better about myself.


Everybody will benefit from RMR, whether they need to lose weight or not. RMR is for everyone, from the athlete setting goals to someone like me, whose only form of exercise is yoga and walking. I have told so many people about this way of lifestyle and I am so pleased to see that a good friend of mine followed the basics and also lost a huge amount of weight.


I would like to thank Sam Bell for her patience and constant support. She gave me a lot of perspective on life, exercise and eating. Sam, you definitely unveiled a super power in me!