Etienne Smit

Country: Johannesburg
City: South Africa

Lost 15cm and 18kg


Before I started this journey, food was something I never gave much thought to. I always assumed ‘eat less move more’ was the answer.

So, I would still have a burger and chips, but wouldn’t order a double burger. Food was also a thing I would abuse, I used to start and would sometimes only stop when I was feeling sick or the food ran out.

When I was 28, I considered myself young and by default healthy. When I had a medical at work, they sent me home with high blood pressure to see a doctor. I realised I had to make a change. I didn’t realise that I was unhealthy, I only thought I was overweight.

I went to a dietician and the advice was a low fat diet, whole grain etc. I cut out coke and milk from my diet and focussed on smaller portions and I lost weight, but gained most of it back.

When I thought about my health, I found it daunting. I wasn’t sure if I could make a change. I was the fat guy for so long that I doubted my ability to be of normal weight and health. I wasn’t aware of how many health risks I was exposed to.

Then I met a guy in my running club, Mike Summers, who is 60 and is in great shape, runs fast, swims fast and is in good health and he encouraged me to get off carbs. I dabbled in it but didn’t know what to do really.

So, I followed Tim Noakes on twitter and I had a friend that started banting when the first book launched.

RMR then partnered with Momentum and I joined with a discount. I was expecting to drink butter in coffee and eat blocks of butter instead of vegetables, but instead I got a scientific approach to how the body works and I ate accordingly.

The advice to not eat too much fat was unexpected and I really enjoyed the way of eating. My wife commented a few weeks in that she could see I was happy and enjoying this lifestyle

It was not restrictive and I didnt have to eat 5-6 small meals a day. I could eat my favourite foods like rump and crackling. In fact, it is encouraged to eat that way.

All the science on the site and how the body works was so interesting for me that I worked through all the videos. Only after I started my RMR journey did I realise the effects of a high carb diet and being overweight, insulin resistant and how all that fits in with diabetes and serious health concerns.

I realised when we had the daily seminars that I had a bad relationship with food and needed to work on that and decided to get coaching.

Life changed.

Now, I am learning about myself in a mindset way and it is carrying through to my personal life with relationships and other areas where I can be a better version of myself.

I have lost 15cm around the waist, I have lost 18kg since January, (I had lost some weight before joining RMR). January my pants size was 38, I changed to 36 and now I am 34. I want to lose another 10-12kg so in that should be at least one more pants size

In 2020 was the first time since school (matric was 1999) that I bought a medium size shirt.

I got so excited when I started losing weight, not being hungry and not feeling restricted. I started believing I could do it. I am not done, but I am armed with knowledge to do it.

My blood sugar is healthy, my cholesterol is also healthy and I run much easier on longer runs. I have dabbled in fasting and this has helped in situations where there was no healthy food for me to eat to skip the meal. I became mentally tougher around food that I could skip a meal when I had to

I want to thank Sam my coach for being a machine and being such a help to me, not judging me and understanding me! You are a legend!

To Jonno, thank you for doing this. I am in awe of you for doing this program and helping people with so much passion and joy! It is always a pleasure speaking to you.

To Bridget, it is so inspiring to hear you speak and the wealth of knowledge you have. Thank you! To the rest of the team in the background! I am forever thankful for the part you played in the changes to my life and health!

Everyone could benefit if they had an open mind and do not treat this as a diet to lose weight and then go back to their old lifestyle.