Edward Brooks

Country: England
City: Bristol





14.5kg (so far)

Ed Brooks-100

I am approaching 50 and I was used to being fit. I was in the Army but even when I was in full time service I struggled with my weight. Constantly making bad dietary decisions. I had been dieting or giving up something for many years with no discernible effect. I have slightly high blood pressure and stomach acid problems and I was worried that type 2 diabetes was a real possibility. I was irritable, unhappy with my body and anxious about my health. I worried I was not setting a good example to my young children.

I needed guidance, structure and most of all, accountability. I decided to invest in my health, my future and the future of my family.

I did not want something that I could easily walk away from hence the decision to financially invest in a coaching plan.

I did my research before starting and already had the Red Book. I had just read a book called ‘Natural Born Heroes’ (by Christopher McDougall of Born to Run fame) about the Resistance in Crete in the Second World War. This led me back to Dr Tim Noakes and RMR. Some more science research and I decided to go for it.

Jonno welcomed me and set me up to begin with but since then it has been Vanessa who has steered me in the right direction. The web platform is fantastic and allows you to track progress, plan meals, adapt macros and dig much deeper into why this way of living works.

Vanessa has been in touch daily with great motivation and a cheerful smile. We video chat weekly and that is enough of a boost to keep me going. It has not been all plain sailing. I have stalled a couple of times but Vanessa has always been supportive when I may feel a bit depressed about progress. Her background in exercise and nutrition helps and I have asked numerous questions about what I can or cannot, should or should not do.

Advice is always positive even when you might have had a bad day.

My goal was always to drop to the weight I was in 1995. That will be a bit dramatic but not impossible. I aimed to drop from 103.7Kg to 85 kg. I have since amended that to 83.7 to make it a nice round 20Kg! So far I have lost 14.5 kg and a much reduced abdominal measurement.

I am 50 in October so not long to go. The way I eat now is the way I will eat in the future. I do not crave carbs or sugar so I see no reason to go back to them.

RMR has shown me the way!

I still want to do more for my health and my confidence but the changes I have made so far have been noticed by family and friends. I look better, I feel better, my clothes hang better (I can fit into some things that have lain untouched in cupboards for years!). I smile more, I am less irritable and generally in a much happier place mentally and physically. My children have noticed the changes in appearance and temperament as well and that is worth its weight in gold.

I feel no hardship in the way I live, it is a lifestyle change and should not feel like a prison sentence.

I have been on holiday and do not feel embarrassed about the photographs. I can be picky and think I still need to lose a bit more, but I am confident the bad fat has gone and the rest will follow.

Thanks to RMR I have made changes in the way I will live. You have guided me through making the changes and forming new habits and for that I thank you. It was worth the investment.