Christa Macmillan Smith

Country: UK
City: Berkshire

Results in 12 Weeks:

Lost over 4kg

An amazing 12.5cm around my middle

My insulin bump has visibly gone down and I can now see shape in my waist

My clothes are a lot looser – I went for a run the other day and my tights wouldn’t stay up!

My watch has moved two notches

More focused and full of energy

I also need to eat less. I’m just not hungry. It’s an amazing feeling.


Jonno caught up with Christa after her round of the RMR Hero Program and this is what she had to say.

Jonno: Tell us about your approach to your health before engaging with the RMR Hero Program.Christa: I’d been trying to lose the weight that I put on during my pregnancy 6 years ago. I used to judge women who got fat during pregnancy, because after my first pregnancy I was lighter and fitter than ever, but I had complications with my second pregnancy with twins. I was very conscious of what was healthy and what wasn’t healthy and I wanted to be healthy again, but raising twins was very demanding and for a couple of years I just didn’t prioritise my health. I got depressed and ashamed. I wanted to be healthy and I knew what to do, but just couldn’t do it. And the more I couldn’t do it, the more I felt like a failure and the more I just stuffed my face with Doritos and ice cream! Jonno:How did you see food?Christa: I enjoy food and I enjoy cooking and in my home, I could stick to a healthy routine. My problem was being confronted or tempted by bad food used to cause me anxiety, which would be every weekend, all weekend. I would literally spend the first couple of hours at an event anxious about all the junk food around me and then give in and stuff my face. My other problem was that I was an emotional eater. I used to secretly eat chips and ice cream. I felt so guilty and ashamed because of it. Jonno: How did your health make you feel?Christa: I kept telling myself my health was good, but then I insured my shoulder and back and then I started feeling a bit decrepit. I am starting to visibly see the signs of aging and moving around is becoming harder, jumping on a trampoline with my 5 year old twins even harder! Jonno: How bad was your health, your energy levels? Mention physical stats – weight, blood metrics, any other ailments.Christa: I was weighing 78kg and my energy levels were very low. I am lucky that my blood pressure and blood sugar were always good, but then my Vitality check showed higher cholesterol levels, just slightly above what it should be. It wasn’t much, but I was a bit shocked because I never had a problem before. Jonno: How did this impact your confidence and other parts of your life like your relationships, your career, love life etc?Christa: For the most part my relationships were fine, my relationship with myself is what suffered the most. I was judging myself quite harshly and my confidence plummeted. I was not the same as I was when I was in good shape. It’s amazing how your self image can decline so drastically – just by feeling fat. Jonno: What made you decide to make the change?Christa: Well I’ve slowly but surely started getting my sense of self back and I’ve managed to get out of my depression. I’ve been sort of on a self-help journey. I’ve started making time for myself, I’ve started stopping bad habits one by one and I’ve started making new good habits. I am literally on a mission to feel fabulous about life and about myself. So one of the obvious things to do when you’re on such a journey is to become healthy! Jonno: How did you discover the RMR Hero Program?Christa: I’ve always been a huge fan of the Banting lifestyle and I came across RMR many years ago. This was when I discovered that this way of eating made sense to me and my body responded so well to it. I’d previously (prior to my pregnancy) lost a lot of weight on RMR. But this time around when I rejoined RMR I saw the Hero Program and I figured that it was a great offering, because knowing what to eat and what not to eat and why is only part of a weight loss journey, the other part is the community, support and the mindset tools needed to stick to it and keep off the weight. The latter is the most important to me and I felt that the Hero Program was exactly what I needed. Jonno: What were you expecting?Christa: I was expecting a support group where we would cheer each other on, and keep each other accountable. I was also expecting that I would be told what to do, and where I’m going wrong and tips to get back on track. Jonno: What did you actually get?Christa: Well I did get the camaraderie that I was expecting. My coach and Hero Group were amazing! We all supported and cheered each other on. But what I wasn’t’ expecting was that I would be the one keeping myself accountable and that I would be the one identifying where I’m going wrong. There was no advice or judgement, there was just sharing! I love the values of the Hero Program, the one is You do you, I do me. This takes the pressure off and you never feel judged or being told what to do. You decide. There is so much more power in that. Jonno: What are some of the significant changes in your life that you believe came from the RMR Hero Program?Christa: The most significant change in my life is that I’ve changed my perspective and behaviors in a positive way, and I feel confident in these changes. I’m more aware of my choices and why I make the choices – mindfulness I believe is what it is called. I am no longer the girl who secretly stuffs her face with chips and ice cream. I identify differently. Through the mindset and psychology workshops, I’ve become aware of areas where I can grow, I’ve been able to identify self-sabotaging behaviors, and in understanding these, I can now change them. I have changed how I plan my day so that I can prioritize myself, now I exercise and meditate every day. Even on my “off day” I want to do some exercise. I have cut out sugar and I’m okay with it. I’m a big tea drinker – about 11 cups a day and I just cannot drink my Earl Grey without milk, so I’ve reduced milk in my tea by more than half – by drinking more herbal tea and less Earl Grey. I’ve actually discovered that I quite like herbal tea which comes in handy with fasting, which is also a new significant change in my life. Jonno: How did your experience differ from other health or diet experiences you have had before?Christa: The focus this time was less on food or an eating plan as such and more on changing behaviours. The goal was to be healthy, not thin, and healthy meant mind, body and soul. This holistic approach in my mind is the only way to make big lifestyle changes. Jonno: Give us some physical stats. How much weight have you lost? What other physical or mental benefits are you experiencing?Christa: I have lost just over 4kg in the 12 weeks on RMR and an amazing 12.5cm around my middle. My insulin bump has visibly gone down and I can now see shape in my waist. My clothes are a lot looser. I went for a run the other day and my tights wouldn’t stay up! My fitness watch has moved two notches, I didn’t even think my wrists could get any smaller! I am more focused and full of energy. I also need to eat less. I don’t eat before 11am, I’m just not hungry. It’s an amazing feeling. Jonno: What kind of people do you think would benefit from the RMR Hero Program the way you have?Christa: People who want to improve not only their health, but also their life. People who don’t want a quick fix, but the real deal and they are happy to make a long term commitment to themselves to improve their health. I would say someone with a growth mindset, because you will come face to face with your shortcomings and the key is to work through it. On the RMR hero program the obstacle is the way, if you know what the obstacle is, you can take responsibility to unpack the obstacle to find a way through it. Jonno: How has this impacted your confidence?Christa: I am so much more confident! But not just the kind of confidence that comes from looking better in clothes, also the kind of confidence that you trust yourself to do better in whatever you set your mind to and to know that you can. Certain situations that caused me any anxiety, like going to events with lots of tempting food is no longer difficult for me. I was actually at a braai two weeks ago, and I realised for the first time ever I didn’t feel like the bowl of chips was speaking to me, saying “Eat me!”. This realisation came with such an amazing feeling of victory and power. That is what now stays with me in every situation that I used to consider tempting.I want to learn and do more. That’s why I’ve enrolled in another RMR Hero program. Jonno: And what has the impact been, if any, on your relationships, your career or your love life?Christa: My relationship with myself is what has improved the most. I’ve also changed the way I relate to food with my kids. Sugary snacks are no longer called treats, and my kids know that eating them should be limited because they are not healthy. My kids are also no longer rewarded with sweets. And, my older son has started drinking more water and also started gymming again.