Anne Landman

Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town

Start weight:

Current weight:

20kg (and counting) in three months

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Cape Town resident, and general legend, Anne Landman took on the Banting / Keto diet just three months ago and basically evaporated in front of her own eyes.


In this testimony she shares the story of her past and where to next.


Thank you for your inspiring words, Anne. You are a flipping rockstar.

“Before RMR I felt lost, any approach towards health was basically non-existent. I would binge eat, feel guilty and then starve myself, not at all caring about what that was doing to my physical and mental health.

I saw food as the enemy. It was completely in control of my life. It basically consumed every thought I had during the day.

My health made me feel disgusted in myself. I felt weak and less-than everyone around me.

I was incredibly unhealthy; my energy levels were so low that I could not go a day without taking a nap. I ended most days with an insane migraine that felt like they would never go away. My bedroom is up a flight of stairs and just climbing up the stairs to get there was exhausting. My mental health took a profoundly serious toll, to the point that I started to believe I would not make it to 30 years old. I weighed in at 104,5kgs before I decided to make a change.

I used to be a South African Tournament Waterskier and it was my whole world, meaning I was a very fit and healthy young woman so when my health went up in shambles, all confidence I had in myself was gone. I went from someone in my community that was known as this confident athlete to someone who just hid away. I struggled to speak to anyone I was attracted to. I did not like going out with my friends because I was embarrassed about how I looked even when I was all dressed up. I did not want to go to restaurants for dates because I was so convinced that I would be judged about what or how I was eating. I was also too scared to apply for dream jobs because I felt my physical appearance would jeopardize my chance.

The thing that made me want to change was my birthday weekend at the end of October 2020. I saw pictures of myself in a swimsuit and I didn’t recognize myself. That weekend I tried to come out on water-ski’s, but I couldn’t. I felt heartbroken. Absolutely devastated. I just knew that I needed to get back on the water again.

I had heard a lot about RMR for many years. I tried a few recipes years ago but I hadn’t fully committed to myself yet. My mother approached me with the RMR 12 Week Online Keto / Banting Course at the beginning of December because she and my father were trying desperately to help me find something that will help me. My dad had just started living a ketogenic lifestyle for about 2 months by then and it was working miracles for him so they thought I should take a look at what it was about.

Your Transformation Starts Here
Honestly, I was expecting to give up within 2 weeks because I felt like there was no one out there that could help me and I was just going to be this person that I hated forever.

However, instead of that I found a community of people that were so encouraging and supportive. My first Zoom session where I was introduced to the program and how RMR works, I was immediately excited. I was surprised by how many people were going through the same thing as me. I always felt alone but the motivation from everyone is just inspiring. It keeps me going knowing that there are other people out there that have the same struggles but keep fighting for themselves and their health.

Something that has really been a big change in my life because of RMR is my view on food. I don’t see it as the enemy anymore. It’s something that I barely think about in fact. The meals I eat give me so much energy. My understanding of how my body reacts to certain foods has grown immensely. I have also learnt to listen to my body.

I think the thing that made this journey so much easier than any other diet/weight loss experiences from before, is definitely the community aspect, the constant support and just my own commitment to my health.

I have lost 20kgs since December which means I currently weigh 85kgs. It’s the first time in more than a year and a half that I am under 90kgs. My old clothes are fitting better. I am not shying away from photos anymore. I know my mental health is more stable than it has been in a long time. I went for a hike in Jonkershoek the other day for the first time in more than a year… and I didn’t collapse. I have never felt more proud of myself.

If you are the kind of person who believes you are completely alone on your journey and no one seems to understand you or the struggles you have with food, then RMR is for you. If you like good food RMR is definitely for you as well. The recipes are amazing!

Doing this course with RMR has brought my smile back. I am starting to feel like myself again. I’m not ashamed of getting into my swimming costume anymore because I am proud of the path I am walking.

This journey has shown me how committed my friends and family are to being there for me and supporting me. It is easier for me to be a good sister/daughter/friend now because I feel like I can give some of my energy to someone I love again without completely draining myself. I also recently went for a job interview that I have been scared to do for a long while.

Something I learnt and I believe I should share is: It is okay to throw away food. If you have 2 bites left on your plate and you feel full, don’t eat it, just throw it away. It might sound silly but it is something I have focused on throughout this process and it keeps my head on straight even on the more challenging days.”

Thank you for sharing, Anne! That’s truly inspiring!