Andrea Snaddon

Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Before Weight:
After Weight:
Banting Strictness:

Before I started Banting I had as the cliche goes tried every diet in the book. I had yoyo’ed through-out my entire adult life. Losing 10kg and then gaining 15. I was very overweight, yet felt quite powerless to control my appetite and urges.

Then I heard about it from my boss who was getting married lost 10KG in record time and seemed to not eat much and not be hungry. For me who is “I breathe, I’m hungry” this seemed very intriguing.

What happened next was over the long weekend at the end of April 2014, I bought the book and read it cover to cover. My family were concerned that eating more fat would only make me fatter, and I must admit that my non-scientific brain wondered if they might be right, but then again if you’re already obsese why not give it a go, could it really be worse?

And now I lost 20KG in 6 months and I HAVE KEPT IF OFF. I feel good, and can control my weight. I do cheat a bit but make sure that I never put on more than 2KG before I lose it again. Now I am planning to Bant strictly again to try and lose a further 15KG. This does not scare me as the food is great and I’M NOT HUNGRY AND DON’T HAVE TO EAT ALL THE TIME (the 5 small meals a day diet was nearly impossible for me, and I think nearly every dietician I ever saw always recommended it.)

My final comment on Banting is Thanks the Pope for Tim Noakes, he has changed my life. I will Bant forever.