Adrienne Hackett

Age: 43
Country: South Africa
City: Kirstenhoff, Cape Town

Lost 13kg


Adrienne left us with this MAGICAL review. Thank you so much, Adrienne. You are a flipping legend.
“My health and an active lifestyle was always my priority. At school I took part in athletics and swimming, Hockey, Dancing and running. I had always been slim, until I hit my late twenties. I put on a fair amount of weight. I then started yo-yo dieting… Low fat diets which drove me to eat more and more food and I put on more weight as a result. It became a vicious circle.

The more weight I gained the more it gave me the licence to continually eat. I felt I had no will power and felt continually disappointed and angry with myself. As the low-fat diet drove me to eat… And then binge on chocolates and junk food.

I have always loved food, I love cooking and experimenting with food. Growing up we would celebrate with food for any occasion… Even after a visit to the dentist we would go and buy sweets and cakes at the home bake store next door.

With the weight gain I started to feel unhealthy, I had no energy.

During this period I was fit and trying to run off the weight. I was running half marathons and seeing a personal trainer 3 times a week. I was constantly injuring myself and I lived on Anti-inflammatories and the weight was not shifting.I suffered with ITB and plantar fasciitis.

I reached rock bottom when I weighed in at 85kg or more and I stopped weighing myself.

I had no energy and would make excuses as to why I could not go to the beach with friends, and I became quite insular and not as outgoing as I used to be. My social life took a knock. I would spend evenings on the couch eating Pizza and junk food.

I was first introduced to RMR when I attended a talk by Prof.Tim Noakes at the UCT Medical School in 2013. I bought the Real Meal Revolution cookbook at that time. As a family we adopted the low carb lifestyle and loved it. I lost about 15kgs. Then old habits crept in. At the end of the first lockdown I weighed about 78kgs…. I realised I needed to make a change.

I started watching Jono’s podcasts. I had sent the Podcast to my sister Danielle.

My two sisters and my mom signed up with RMR and they were on the Pilot Hero Program. I had serious FOMO and I then Joined the next Hero Program as I did not want to be left behind.

Being on the Hero Program, I was accountable to my group which kept me focused. I learnt how to set goals and doing the daily process goals helped me achieve my bigger outcome goal. You are supported and it is a safe place to share your experiences and learn from your fellow group members.

I was not expecting such an amazing transformation and a lifestyle change. I will never fall back into my old habits.

I love the food in this lifestyle and have never felt better.”