Karen Field, Banting and Keto Weight Loss Transformation

South Africa
23kg in 16 Months

This is a letter we got from one of our Hero Program participants half way through the Hero Program. What a legend!!!

This is Karen Field

“My shrinking story

It was definitely getting the mind right that finally helped me shift years of shame, motherhood, student days, etc…

Part 2 is now beginning which will involve building some muscle tone and taking my paddling more seriously. 


In numbers: 85 kg to 62 kg (23 kg loss) over 16 months. I started with 9 months of intermittent fasting (basically ditching breakfast) then I did the RMR Online Course which is so full of wonderful information and the weight loss increased at a higher rate, then to ensure I maintained, I joined a Hero Program with Victoria and our journey together was further validation and all the impetus I need to maintain this fabulous lifestyle. 

Thank you to the Real Meal Revolution!

Karen Field”