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Before I started Real Meal Revolution I was severely overweight, sick and had NO life and NO energy. I had high blood sugar and high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. I often passed out at home and eventually after being ill for 3 years (being in bed most of that time), I went to the doctor in November 2013 and walked home in tears! My doctor let me know that I would have a stroke and simply would never wake up again IF I did not change something drastically! At first I was angry with him. But HIS words were a huge wake up call! I started biokenetics in August 2013 but had to be monitored all the time as my blood pressure was too high. NOTHING helped! I ate different foods (which I considered healthy at that time).



Then I heard about Real Meal Revolution – and eating high fat foods… my mom directed me to a name she remembered – Tim Noakes! HE set my heart on fire via youtube! I did lots of research as I had been taught that FAT is unhealthy and that it will lead to heart problems. I already had NO life, and was holding on to life by a thread… I could not afford to go wrong! I made a decision to start because of the research I had done. I started Real Meal Revolution on 1 February 2014. I loved the food! I added butter to everything! Something I had not eaten for 12 years! And within a week of Real Meal Revolution I felt a renewal of energy!


I started out with a weight of 140kg, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and just an overall feeling of LIFE IS TOO HARD… My waist was 125.5 and my hips 160 cm. I ‘Banted’ and I ‘Bant’! For life! For health! For energy and vitality!


I lost 67.8kg and now weigh 72.2kg!


My final comment on Real Meal Revolution is… JUST do it! Regain control over yourself… over your life and your food!

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