Where can I count my carbs?

We have had a huge volume of readers ask where they can count carbs. Below are some of the sites we used while writing the book.


First up is the tool on LillyDiabetes.com.

This is really easy to use but I wouldn’t bother using the search function. We searched for carrots and the beverage list came up. There is a lot of useful info about premade products that you may be struggling to let go of. We are not ever going to promote drinking but if you do want to know what you should drink, there is an incredibly comprehensive drinks list in there too.

Atkins Diet App

Then we have an Atkins Diet App.

We’ve heard mixed reviews about the app but in the low-carb world, apparently this is the best one. So give it bash and let us know.

In our opinion, life is too short to track everything you eat and it certainly isn’t sustainable in the long run.

Counting carbs is not sustainable in the long run. We recommend usingitfor a short time to get to grips with what you’re taking in.

We recommend using it for a short time to get to grips with what you’re taking in. It is these apps and programs that send people over the edge with disappointment. Keep it simple. Stick to the green list and check the carb counters if you’re not sure about something.

Keep an eye out for the way things are written on the back of a label too. Less than 5% net carbohydrate is what you want to aim for but often the percentage that the label refers to is your RDA (recommended daily allowance). Please ignore this. You will notice the grams per portion could be below 5g but then look at how big a portion is. In the case of Ryvita, it states that you are getting 12g per portion and a portion is only 30g or two crackers. Next to that it says 2%. This 2% refers to 2% of your RDA of carbs. We all know that we don’t recommend any form of carbs in your daily allowance so this is nonsense.

Watch out, they’re full of trickery!