Week 8: Confident, but not milking it.

I have four weeks left of my six pack-challenge. If you’ve been following, you will know I bet three months of RMR’s revenue on me having a six-pack by 21 December 2015. It might seem stupid, but I made the bet to illustrate to readers how easy it can be to stick to a goal if you make the stakes high enough. If you want to get up to date on what has happened since then, have a look back at weeks one, two, three, four, five & six and seven.

It has turned into much more than a blog series; I’ve been sick, tired, injured, fed up, starving, tempted and a lot more… but, I’m happy to report that I have managed to blog about most of the stuff I’ve gone through up until now.

Last week, I returned from a back injury and was down and out having not trained properly for two weeks. I felt positive because I was fit, but I started to worry about my body fat percentage. The problem is that I need to cut body fat really fast. We help people lose weight every day so you would think it would be a walk in the park, but getting down to super lean in only four weeks is not something we really specialise in.

To start off, I followed the Ten Commandments to make sure I was doing the best Icould. I have restricted my protein;I’m also not eating nearly as much fat as I was – enough to keep me from starving, but I’m teetering on the edge. I have also completely cut out dairy.

The most remarkable thing happened when I cut out dairy.

As a male Banter, I’ve always thought I could handle dairy and that women, who are unluckier, simply couldn’t. It turns out, I might have a minor dairy problem. I cut out yoghurt, and milk in my hot drinks to see what would happen. I immediately found my tea and coffee to be quite bitter. After only three days though, I had a sip of milky tea and was repulsed; the tea with the milk in it tasted sweet and left a funny taste in my mouth.

I know that lactose (the natural carb in dairy) is a ‘sugar’. I also know that if you’re struggling to shed pounds you should cut it out. I haven’t however, ever thought of milk as having a sweet taste. I’m sure there is something to it.

The bad news is that I really miss my double thick Greek yoghurt in the morning. The good news is that kicking dairy (and upping the training) yielded some favourable results. I’ve got four weeks left and although I’m no Jean Claude, I do feel as though I will have a six-pack on D-day.

If you’re stuck on a plateau or you’re wanting to drop your body fat percentage, try and give dairy a miss for a week or two. You might be pleasantly surprised.

That’s it from me.

Have a week of wins,