Banting Diet Fertilisers

Banting Diet Fertilisers – from a specific physiological point of view, gut health is our prime concern during the Restoration phase of the Banting Diet. This is because the damage that Red Listed inflammatory foods can do is immense, something we are only recently coming to appreciate.

When you enter the second phase of the Banting Diet, the Restoration Phase, your gut will have much better resources to convert into nutrients for your body. You will effectively be getting more (fuel) from less (food), which results in weight loss. But your body has a tendency to only transform to a level that your gut is able to sustain.

In other words, if your gut is not firing on all cylinders, it simply won’t be able to process enough nutrients for your body from a small enough quantity of food to allow you to continue shedding. This means you may still need to consume more food than you would with a healthy gut in order to supply your body and your brain with enough nutrients to signal satiety while nourishing your organs, your muscles and your brain.

We believe a damaged gut is the real explanationbehind the frustrating weight loss plateaus people experience on low carb diets.

According to the data from our program, almost 50% of people attempting low carb diets plateau at some point on their path to a healthy weight. While the state of your gut may well be what’s applying the brakes, there are several other possibilities. Beyond that, there are strong correlations between gut health and inflammation throughout the body, and between gut permeability and psychological wellbeing – both are vital for general health.

Fertilize your gut – during Restoration, and forever.

On our program, we like to talk about fertilizing your gut – because when you’re looking after your gut biome, and integral part of the Banting Diet, that’s pretty much what you’re doing. You’re giving it the right foods to let the microbiota down there grow and thrive and ultimately work to your benefit. Given that your gut is about the size of a tennis court – as we saw earlier – and it’s where all the action happens, you may want to consider it Wimbledon Centre Court. You’re about to play thegame of your life, so best to prepare (repair) it well. Water it, fertilize it, look after it.

There are two types of fertilizer to help regenerate your gut health:

Bone broth: rich with all the nutrients and minerals your body needs to rebuild the intestinal linings (and any other tissue).

Fermented foods and drinks: rich with nutrients as a result of the fermentation process; foods like natural yoghurt, sauerkraut and kimchi and drinks like kefir and kombucha help repopulate the gut biome with healthy bacteria or feed the bacteria that are already there.

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