The 3 worst and 3 best foods for you

The below lists the three worst, and three best, foods that you can put into your mouth (excluding alcohol). This is in no particular order.



The three worst foods

These foods should be avoided, whether you’re Banting or not. While they are in no particular order, Sugar does top the list as the worst possible food to eat.

These foods should be avoided. While they are in no particular order, Sugar does top the list as the worst possible food to eat.
    • Sugar

      There are few substances as destructive to human health as sugar. Fructose is the dangerous half of the sugar molecule, and is often called ‘fruit sugar’, which makes it sound healthy – which it isn’t.

      Sugar has the following negative effects on the body:

      • It has no nutritional value and will rob us of existing nutrients.
      • It results in spikes of energy followed by drastic slumps.
      • It wreaks havoc with your liver, can cause fatty liver disease and, in conjunction with carbs, it results in obesity. Prof Tim Noakes says, “carbohydrates are, in essence, really just bags of glucose. When you eat breads, cereals, rice or pasta, the body sees it as glucose – so you may as well just eat a plate of glucose.”
      • It may contribute towards cancer.
      • It drags you towards insulin resistance, which leads to metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. A take home message in the Online Program, is that, “a recent medical realisation comes in the understanding that there is a range of medical conditions – diabetes, gout, obesity and hypertension that should all be considered as part of the same condition; and these conditions are directly related to insulin resistance.”
      • And the worst bit? It’s addictive, some say similar to heroin in its hook so can seem very difficult to give it up.
    • Seed oils and margarine

      These are known as polyunsaturated fats, and come with a hefty price to health. They are very high in omega-6 oils, extremely inflammatory, and are unstable, damaged fats. Margarine is seed oil with hydrogen bubbled through it to stabilise and stiffen it, so that it acts like a soft butter. Think about that… seed oil with hydrogen bubbled through it. Do you still want to spread that on some processed bread? It was in about the 1920s when candle makers, Procter and Gamble, decided to turn seed oils into margarine as an easy way to make money… let that one sink in.

    • Glutenous Grains

      Whether whole or refined, glutenous grains are carbohydrate-dense foods. They are usually in a refined form to be able to use them, and have been shown to cause untold damage to the brain, heart and digestive system. Human beings have no need for glutenous grains (particularly wheat), whether in bread, pasta, or any other form. Glutenous-grain-based foods are also a place to store a multitude of chemicals – if you don’t believe this, read any bread packet.

The three best power foods

There are many, but essentially picking three would include:
Eat lots of eggs, green leafy vegetables and fermented foods.

Eat lots of eggs, green leafy vegetables and fermented foods.
    • Eggs

      Eggs are known as the “perfect food” with an impressive nutritional profile. All the nutrients we need, except for vitamin C, are found in eggs!

    • Fermented foods replenish and revitalise your gut bacteria. Thriving gut bacteria can improve your immune system, your digestive system, your endocrine system and your adrenal system. A diet rich is processed foods, carbs and sugar can destroy the balance in your gut. On the flip side, a diet rich in fermented foods (sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, tempeh, brined pickles and kombucha) can restore balance to the gut which may improve the symptoms of any number of ailments from skin conditions, allergies, insomnia, constant colds and flu to low libido and depression.
    • Green Leafy Vegetables

      Green leafy vegetables are high in fibre and prebiotics, which the good bacteria feed on. The main nutrients found in green leafy vegetables include: magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, folate and betaine, all of which are essential for a healthy body. This is why, contrary to conventional belief, they make up the bulk of the foods you should eat when you are Banting with Real Meal Revolution.