Tips To Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution!

Yes, you can stick to your New Year’s resolution!


It is estimated that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

Statistics show that these New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail: losing weight, getting fitter and eating healthily.

We all want to better ourselves and make positive changes, especially after binging on every Christmas delight in sight. But, the guilt is not enough to see our resolutions through to the end. Those feelings will fade and the cycle will repeat again.

You need to be ready to change.

To feel it with every fibre of your being. Do you feel it? Yes! Great!

Hold on to that feeling and follow our top 10 tips for New Year’s resolution success.


Start fresh:

Wipe the slate clean, forget about all the diets you have attempted in the past. Forget all the times you have berated yourself for not succeeding. This is going to be your year of success. Start the year off with renewed energy and a positive mind-set. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Be motivated:

We know that you want to lose weight and become a healthier version of you. But, why do you want to lose weight? Decide what that is and write it somewhere visible – this will be your motivation. Make it your mantra and repeat it to yourself all the time. You can become your motivation.

“I want to look in the mirror and like who I see”
“I want a youthful complexion”
“I want to be happy”
“I want to stop being in pain”
“I want to wear a bikini on the beach”
“I want to be able to ride a bike with my son”
“I want to climb Table Mountain”
“I want to walk my daughter down the aisle”
“I want to walk to the shops”

Want to make the change:

Half the battle is already won if you want to change. You can’t succeed if you are fighting yourself at the same time. Jump in and get ready. We know you are ready. We believe in you. The “Getting to Awesome” section of the program will help you get your mind around things and figure out what your awesome weight should be.

Set reasonable goals:

Slow and steady wins the race. Celebrate the small wins and keep motivated. Aim to keep your carbs below 30g a day, for example, and pat yourself on the back each time you do. You can do this effortlessly with our meal tracker. Don’t get despondent if you don’t lose weight immediately, focus on how good you are feeling instead and celebrate that. Share your successes with our forum – your success could be all it takes to help someone else stay motivated.

Remember your motivation:

When times get tough and you want to give up, remember your motivation and why you have decided to do this. “Just like a muscle, the amount of willpower you have at any given time rises and falls, and if you exercise it, it gets stronger,” saysRoy Baumeister at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Remove all temptation:

Throw out all the food in your house that you might be tempted by. Eating healthy is one thing, but if there are constant reminders of your past eating habits, it will make it easier to fall off the wagon. Making lists when you go shopping is another way to avoid temptation. Jonno provides some juicy tips in the Banting Program to make shopping easier.

Planfor the obstacles that might arise and how to deal with them:

If you know you are going to a function that will not cater for your eating needs, for example, eat before you go, so that you will be less tempted to snack, or take a few of your own snacks with you. We have a number of meal plans and delicious recipes in the program that will help you plan for any eventuality.

Visualise the end result:

Keep visualising the end result. Have a picture of the new, improved you, in your mind’s eye. Remember the feeling of accomplishment and self-worth this image conjures up each time you are tempted to give it up.

Be gentle on yourself:

Don’t berate yourself if you do slip up now and again. It is only natural that this will happen. Instead, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, look at how far you have come and what you have achieved so far and get back on the horse. The forum is a great sounding board – each member of our forum has been exactly where you are now.

“The secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” Paulo Coehlo

Equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible:

Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you gain, the more you learn about yourself, your body, and the best way to heal it. The lessons in the Banting Program are invaluable when it comes to this.

It take 21 days to break a habit and 66 days to form a new one. The best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with something else. Something positive. Something with a purpose.

Each day is a day closer to a new you. There is no time like the present to set a New Year’s resolution – why not set one that will change your life in the best possible way?

Studies have shown that being pre-committed is a more effective self-control strategy than willpower. That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to set your New Year’s resolution now. Your success is our success.

Sign up for our 12-week online Banting Program in December and only start in January. As our Christmas gift to you, we’ll throw in a 25% discount.