Skip Franzsen is a Real Meal Revolution trained Certified Banting Coach

Our aim is to change 100 million lives by 2025, and we’re building an army of Certified Banting Coaches to help us do it, one “Real Group” at a time.

Skip Franzsen is a Certified Banting Coach, who has changed his life through Banting, and he wants to help you to change yours!


We have found that by sharing and working together, Banting is made easier. That’s why we have trained passionate Banters as Certified Banting Coaches(CBCs).

These CBCs are then able to help other Banters, just like you, along your journeys so that you never have to Bant alone again.

Below is some of Skip’s “banter” about his personal weight loss journey:

“I struggled most of my life to lose weight and by age 60 I had become morbidly obese at 158kg. At that time looking back, almost anything I ate increased my weight. I had muscular problems, large gouty ankles, a bad back, a bad shoulder and I was inactive and unfit.

18 months ago my wife bought us the RMR red book, and that’s when we started our Banting journey. I discovered through reading the red book that I was insulin resistant. It explained why I was ill and why I struggled to walk up two flights of steps. With my excess weight, I lived a sedentary lifestyle; it was, after all, a problem moving all that weight around.

Then that was it really; just a red book filled with recipes and I have been Banting like a pro ever since.

18 months later, I have lost 55kg at an average of 3kg a month. I have about 20kg still to go. I no longer have muscular pain, and I have an active outdoor based lifestyle. When I started Banting, it was a complete about turn from a previously medically advised diet, and it worked from day one. I lost rapidly at first. Then later at a slower pace.

The Banting Meal Tracker is my very best friend and has been hugely educational and life changing. The foods I eat today are vastly different from anything I have eaten in the past. Rarely having hunger, I decide when I eat, what I eat, and how much. The weight consistently comes off without discomfort.

Not only has Banting improved my weight but my health as well. Below are my Lipid Profile score changes over the last 18 months:

  • My Triglycerides dropped from 1.44 to 0.5 mmol/L.
  • My LDL scores dropped from 4.7 (with meds) to 3.7 mmol/L. (without meds).
  • My Total Cholesterol dropped from 6.5 (with meds) to 5.1 mmol/L (without meds).

Through my Banting journey, I have been educated on my health, and it has promoted a way of life that simply works for me. For more information on how we can work together to help improve your life.

Real Groups are support groups offered as both online and face-to-face groups, to ensure that you are getting “more Bant for your buck.”

“Real Groups” not only offer the necessary tools to help guide you along your Banting journey but also provide the support of trained CBCs and fellow Banters that are on the same path.  The groups provide a platform for Communication, Accountability, and Naturing, because ultimately together we CAN help you live your best Banting life.

There are currently 70 passionate and dedicated Certified Banting Coaches across the world, each with a unique approach to health and weight loss, in our system.