The Peanut: Is it a Pea or Is it a Nut?

Peanut: more pea or nut?

Although peanuts have very similar macronutrients to almonds, good protein and fat content and low-carb content, they are in fact legumes.

Legumes are a good source of plant-based protein, especially for vegetarians. But legumes come with a set of potential problems and these are anti-nutrients.

The problem with anti-nutrients is that they can interfere with your digestion and absorption of other nutrients.

We know that most people with insulin resistance have poor gut health, so therefore most of us might not have the correct type of bacteria to digest them.

Whenever consuming legumes, it is always recommended to soak them beforehand and to eat them cooked.

Sprouting and fermentation also help with digestion.

Our concerns with peanuts are that they are:

High in omega-6 fats, which distorts the omega 3:6 ratio
Often contaminated with carcinogenic mold called aflatoxin
One of the most pesticide-contaminated crops
One of the eight most common food allergens, and can be life-threatening

Considering the above, peanuts could be incorporated into your Banting lifestyle.

These are our tips for eating peanuts:

Try to buy your peanuts from a trusted source
Eat them in moderation
Due to their high protein and fat content they can cause you to put on weight if you eat too many
Keep track of your peanut consumption in the meal tracker
If you think you have a compromised digestive system, it is best to avoid legumes or eat them on rare occasions

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