Nina and Rowan’s Banting Journey

Update on Nina and Rowan’s journey:

We are just blown away by the progress and dedication that both Nina and Rowan are showing to improve their health. They have been Banting for 7 months now. Nina has lost 39kgs and Rowan has lost 37kgs. Nina has gone from a size 28 to size 20 in clothing and Rowan has gone from 4XL to XL. Although their weight loss has slowed from 8kgs a month to 2kgs a month, this is to be expected, and it doesn’t bother them at all as they know this is a marathon and not a sprint. We can’t wait for further updates from this power couple.





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“I adopted an ‘I am going to die fat’ attitude.”

In a little over four months, Nina has lost 27kgs and Rowan has lost 29kgs.

“My husband (aged 40) and I have both been obese for many, many years.” Says 42 year old Nina Rennie. “No diet has ever worked for us and we were both at the stage where we did not care anymore. I adopted an “I am going to die fat” attitude. End of story.”

Nina says that their eating habits were shocking. They loved all forms of fast food, and pizza was their favourite. “Chips, chocolates, fizzy drinks, cakes, sweets – you name it we ate it! Not to mention the mounds of sugar in our vegetables!”

Nina had been experiencing severe pain in her left knee for most of 2015. When she couldn’t handle the pain anymore, she went to see a doctor, who sent her for x-rays. Nina and Rowan also decided to have routine blood tests done at the same time.

“The results were staggering. My husband’s insulin levels were at 25 (pre-diabetic) and I was diagnosed with early onset of Osteoarthritis in my knees, due to my weight.”

The results gave them a massive wake-up call. “Suddenly our lives had to change whether we liked it or not.” They realised that in ten years they might be facing severe consequences if they didn’t change their eating habits now. Their doctor recommended Banting. “I had no clue what Banting was,” says Nina. “I thought it was something you did at the gym like spinning!”

Nina read as much as she could about Banting before starting. She familiarised herself with the red, orange and green lists and started on 4th of August 2015. She made simple meals whilst still learning what Banting was all about. They strictly ate from the green list, weighed all their food and started drinking water for the first time in years, 6 – 8 glasses a day. They went cold turkey right from the start – no sugars, wheat and low carbs.

“For the first time in our lives, we don’t feel like we are starving and must get to food. We have no cravings whatsoever. We feel satisfied for longer periods of time. We both feel less sluggish and tired. We have a lot more energy now and just feel so much healthier. I honestly can stay, we are astounded at our results so far. With the variety of foods we have to eat, we don’t feel deprived at all.”

At the start of their journey, Nina discovered the free trail on the Real Meal Revolution webpage. “I used the Meal Tracker every single day, which was invaluable to us, as it helped guide us in the beginning stages. “ She has now done the full course and is an active member of the forum.

“Within the first two weeks, I lost 8kgs and my husband 6kgs, it was a huge motivating factor. I have discovered a new love for cooking and baking as well.”

Nina and Rowan have now been Banting for four and a half months. Nina says the change has been immense, “I have lost 27kgs and my husband has lost 29kgs and we have both dropped three clothing sizes.”

There have been huge improvements health wise too. Rowan used to snore so loudly that it would wake everyone up. He doesn’t snore anymore. Nina says that he now sleeps as quietly as a mouse. The pain in Nina’s knees has also completely disappeared.

When they reach the six month milestone, they will be doing more blood tests as they are very keen to see how Rowan’s insulin levels have improved.



“Although I still have a long way to go till the goal weight I have set myself, I remain positive and motivated. Thisreally has become a lifestyle for us and one we are happy to do.”

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