Monique Watkins Incredible Banting Journey Helped Her Feel Better After Surgery

Monique Watkins’ incredible Banting Journey led to her dropping five dress sizes in just three months.

Monique’s journey began when an unexpected surgery resulted in complications that meant she could no longer keep up her active lifestyle. Like many of us, Monique turned to carbs for comfort, and this resulted in her gaining weight and her cholesterol getting worse. Monique grew tired of living in pain and discomfort and turned to Banting for help.

Banting helped her to regain control of her life and her health. Monique felt empowered by a lifestyle filled with delicious food that left her feeling satisfied and resulted in increased energy and significant weight loss.

Monique wants others to also be able to feel this renewed by Banting. Thus, Monique has become a Certified Banting Coach to share experience and support. She aims to do this through the platform of Real Groups. Real Groups are Banting support groups that offered either as online or face-to-face groups.

Monique shares some more personal ‘banter’ about her journey:

After countless diets had done nothing to prevent weight gain over the last seven years, I registered for The Real Meal Revolution’s online Beginner Banting Course. I’d previously enjoyed a very active lifestyle, until undergoing an unexpected surgery in 2009. I loved scuba diving, cycling, and Pilates, but this Surgery sparked off Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and I was left living in chronic pain. I was put on multiple medications that led to me gaining weight and severely limiting my ability to exercise.

Menopause further expanded my waistline, while my cholesterol levels continued to worsen. The heavier I got, the more difficult it became to exercise. Thus, began the cycle of starving myself to prevent weight gain, feeling permanently hungry and reaching for the comfort of carbs.

This all changed when I started Banting. Two days into the Beginner Banting Course I experienced what felt like a revelation. I was enjoying the most delicious food I had eaten in years and my nagging hunger disappeared. In three months I had dropped five dress sizes, which is something I never believed possible. Most importantly, inflammation in my joints has significantly reduced thereby improving my quality of life.

As a Certified Banting Coach, I bring diverse skills to my Banting Groups. I have pharmaceutical experience in Oncology, Diabetes and Heart Disease that will allow me to help from a health perspective. My extensive training as a dancer gives me an understanding of fitness demands. Finally, having worked successfully as an alternative therapist, trained in mindfulness and meditation, I bring you a holistic approach to health and well-being.

For more “banter” on Monique’s personal story and to see “Real Groups” that you can join, visit her homepage.

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