Madeleine Henderson improved her cholesterol and dropped 2 dress sizes while Banting!

Madeleine Henderson improved her cholesterol and dropped two dress sizes while Banting!

Madeleine Henderson is a retired nurse, who as a Banter; has improved her cholesterol, lost over 16kgs and dropped two dress sizes! Now as a Certified Banting Coach (CBC), she wants to help Banters just like you to reach your goals.

With her experience in the nursing industry, she has years of knowledge in health and support that she can offer as a CBC to her Real Groups. These “Real Groups” are Banting based support groups, available online and face-to-face.

Madeleine has also been on her own Banting journey, which has led to her weight loss and improved health. She offers up the following “banter” on her personal journey:

“Real Story:”

“I stumbled across Banting upon my retirement from nursing; I had to retire because of my ill health. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, so I was taking cytotoxic medication and steroids. Within eight weeks of Banting, I stopped taking this medication as the symptoms had simply vanished. My weight may have only dropped from 110 to 93.4, but my body has changed completely, and I am wearing two dress sizes smaller. My health is also improving as my cholesterol numbers are down, and my triglycerides have dropped to below one.”

“Real Influence:”

“My vision for my group is for it to be supportive, informative, interesting and fun. I want to provide a platform whereby people feel comfortable enough to ask questions and know that they will get a positive response from the person that they ask. I want to equip my group with the best knowledge, and thus, I research all the news and changes in the LCHF community.

I want people in my group to always feel involved, so that when they leave they feel they have learned something, had a good time and strengthened their resolve to improve their health.”

Madeleine knows just how great it feels to walk into a store and ask for two sizes smaller than what you used to ask for. Madeleine wants to help her Real Group members reach their goals and to feel immense internal pride! She also wants to guide them, should there be any hurdles along the way. She encourages an open platform for questions and communication. In this way, the Real Group process will never seem one-sided, as it’s journey that you are now on together!