Jonathon Lee Ching lost 20kgs while Banting

Jonathon is not only a successful Banter, having lost 20kgs, but he is also a member of the Real Meal Revolution (RMR) Team. However, Jonathon’s passion for Banting extends beyond his personal achievement and even beyond his office desk here at RMR. Jonathon is fully committed to the Banting lifestyle and wants to share it with people just like you.

Jonathon has been trained by Real Meal Revolution to become a Certified Banting Coach (CBC) and now runs his own Real Group. As a CBC he will pass along his wisdom and inspire others as they begin, or continue, to Bant. Real Groups are Banting support groups that are run by trained CBCs to support new and experienced Banters navigate the Banting lifestyle.

Below Jonathon offers up some of his personal “banter:”

“Let’s be honest with one another; dieting is about getting results. Even more, than this, it is about getting results in the quickest amount of time.

So what if I told you that you could achieve this while doing nothing less than eating delicious and nutritious food? Well, you would probably say that I must be dreaming and that nobody loses weight without plenty of sacrifices and hard work.

The truth is that while you will need the discipline to be a successful Banter; by just avoiding sugar and eating only the essential carbohydrates, you can lose weight without feeling like you are missing out.

As a Certified Banting Coach, the three core focus areas of my group meetings are: Banting on your budget; supporting your body’s natural processes for optimal health and weight loss; and providing you with the necessary tools to live the life that you deserve.

My objective is to work together with you to find a solution that perfectly suits your individual health needs. I will lead you on the path to achieving your goals, which will also empower you to share your story as a means of helping others on the same journey.”

Jonathon personally understands the benefits of both group and individual support when Banting. He knows that the group setting will be providing people with a platform to share their Banting successes and struggles. In this way, it helps Banters to feel that they are never alone on this journey. However Jonathon is also aware of the fact that a healthy lifestyle is not a simple “one size fits all”. He thus aims to help tailor his coaching to each Real Group members’ Banting needs.