James Knott Believes That A Healthy Lifestyle Is About Addressing The Causes, Not The Symptoms

James Knott believes that treating health issues is about addressing the cause and not the symptoms.

James has travelled the world and came to this conclusion while spending time in Asia. This view is very much in line with the Banting lifestyle. Ultimately, Banting is about remoulding your lifestyle for your health and wellbeing. A core part of- James’s understanding is that sugar and carbs are the cause and your weight gain or decreased energy are merely symptoms.

James wants to empower people around this ideology that Banting attacks the cause, which in turn treats the symptoms. This is why James has become a Certified Banting Coach. He wants to help the members of his Real Groups be successful Banters. Real Groups are Banting support groups that are offered either as online or face-to-face groups.

“I studied engineering at Nottingham University before embarking on a career in finance, which led me to work in cities like; London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. My time spent in Asia cultivated this idea that as humans we should always try to treat the cause and not the symptom of our health issues. Since I started Banting, I have seen profound positive changes in my weight as well as increased physical and mental performance.

I am a goal-oriented individual who enjoys exercise and always embraces opportunities to tackle new challenges. The logical and analytical approach towards my work allows the same statistical assessment of physical and mental health. Systematic data analysis helps me to measure and understand performance. This helps me to achieve all my own goals, and it will help me, to help you, to achieve yours.

I am fully committed to helping you achieve these results using a foundation of excellent tools provided by Real Meal Revolution. This in conjunction with my knowledge, experience and ongoing emotional support is a recipe for your success.”

For more “banter” on James’s personal story and to see “Real Groups” that you can join, visit his homepage.

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