Graham Donet is Real Meal Revolution Trained Certified Banting Coach

Graham Donet is a Real Meal Revolution Trained Certified Banting Coach

Real Meal Revolution is enlisting a team of CBCs to help give Banters everywhere more “Bant for their Buck”. CBCs offer Banters the chance to be a member of their Real Groups.

Real Groups are Banting Support Groups, and you can join either an online or face-to-face Group. These groups mean that you can embark on your Banting journey with fellow Banters and with CBCs like Graham.

Graham knows this journey first hand and shares some of his “banter” below:

Real Story:

"I am a trained Chef, and I now work in the Hospitality Industry. In my of line work, I attend a lot of functions where food is always on offer, and I have thus been struggling with my weight for many years. On top of my weight problems, I experienced fatigue, and I was uncomfortable in my body. I suffered from poor sleep patterns, a lack of energy and high sugar levels (I am a Type 2 Diabetic)."

"Since I started Banting, I have lost 13kgs, I have been able to steady my sugar readings, increase my energy levels and improve my sleeping patterns. Banting has helped to improve the overall quality of my life, and I want to improve the quality of yours!"

Real Influence:

Graham's history in the food industry provides him with a deep insight into the culinary side of Banting; he also has a background in training which will also benefit the members of his group. "With my experience, I can hep my group members vary their eating plans, by demonstrating ways to experiment with Banting recipes."

"I believe that group support should be fun as well as informative, so as to not to lose faith when the weight loss is slow. I want to bring this element of fun to my Real Group."

For more "banter" on Graham’s personal story and to see his Real Groups that you can join, visit his homepage.

There are currently 70 passionate and dedicated Certified Banting Coaches across the world, each with a unique approach to health and weight loss, in our system. To find a group that suits your specific needs click here or to join one of Graham’s Real groups click here.

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