Gary Le Sueur is a Real Meal Revolution trained Certified Banting Coach

Our aim is to change 100 million lives by 2025, and we’re building an army of Certified Banting Coaches to help us do it, one “Real Group” at a time.

We have found that by sharing and working together, Banting is made easier. That’s why we have trained passionate Banters as Certified Banting Coaches (CBCs). These CBCs are then able to help other Banters, just like you, along your journeys so that you never have to Bant alone again.

Gary Le Sueur is a CBC, who wants to help Real Meal Revolution change the world, by helping you to change your life.


Below is some of Gary’s “banter” about his personal weight loss journey:

“Real Story:”

I was very active until my mid-20s. I started my own business at the age of 25. I developed poor eating habits (undisciplined). I would go an entire day without eating and then binge on take away food in the evening. By the age of 46 (2008), I had ballooned to 208kg.

I then sold the business as I was trading it into bankruptcy. I had become a carb and sugar “junkie”. I had mood swings, depression, was always hungry and ate for comfort.

Then around September 2014, I bought the RMR book, and I was on my way. I now weigh 168.4kg, and my prior healthissues of high blood pressure, hypertension, and sleep apnoea have vastly improved, and I’m experiencing fewer symptoms of my insulin resistance.

“Real Influence:”

Banting has helped me to change my life, and I want to help others do the same. By sharing my Banting experience, I will guide the members of my group on their own journeys. I aim to equip my groups with the knowledge and support to become successful Banters. I want the members of my “Real Group” to be able to think Banting for themselves.

Being unemployed for a significant portion of my RMR life, I follow a simple Banting lifestyle, which is cheap. I want to help my members know that Banting on a budget is possible. Banting is a way of life and income does not determine whether you can Bant or not.

Gary’s personal success with Banting means that he can use his experiences to guide and empathize with the members of his “Real Group.”

Real Groups are support groups offered as both online and face-to-face groups, to ensure that you are getting “more Bant for your buck.”


“Real Groups” not only offer the necessary tools to help guide you along your Banting journey but also provide the support of trained CBCs and fellow Banters that are on the same path.  The groups provide a platform for Communication, Accountability, and Naturing, because ultimately together we CAN help you live your best Banting life.